Anyone else want to be a villain?

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  1. What's up blades, so I've been thinking a lot lately and came to the realization that I would really love nothing more than being a villain or "the bad guy".
    I'm not really sure what the appeal to it is, it might be that I like to do things my way in the way I want and that's exactly what villains do. They don't care about the rules, or societies standards.

    I think it would be awesome as fuck to be a big deal in the criminal underworld. A scenario that I always use to imagine was that when I was older (not too old where I'm walking with a cane, but old enough to where I've already lived most of my life) and me and my buddy or a small group of friends would pull a badass bank heist. I already have some details worked out but it's kinda hard to fake plan a heist. Anyways if it doesn't work out I would wanna go out in a hail of bullets as I fight off the police so that atleast maybe one of people in my heist get away, and so I won't spend the rest of my life in prison.

    I just want to be free to do what I want and to take what I want. I mean realistically I can't do that because of responsibilities and commitments but being a criminal would be such a secret pleasure of mine. Please tell me I'm not the only one who would love to be a badass bank robber or villain! What's your criminal fantasy guys? And I'm not talking about mass killings of innocents so I don't want anyone posting they would do that...I'm talking Classic/ American gangster/villainous shit that would be cool to do.

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  2. I sold bricks to bin laden
  3. I wanna be like Pablo Escobar.
  4. I sold bricks to @[member="sammy"] ....don't know what he did with em.
  5. Nope your not alone, when I watch movies with villains and stuff. I live vicariously through the movie. Like "How would I kill this person?" "How much money would I steal and what would I do with it" type stuff. Its fun to say the least. 
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    I always wanted to be a super villain.  A regular villain is nice and all but I dont think I can bring myself to kill innocent people so people will fear me. Well maybe the people wont be that innocent if Im killing them. Maybe they owe me money or something but still.
    As a super villain I might have to slap a few guys around but id never have to kill anyone aside from my nemesis.
    The appeal for me just comes from having power. Huge amounts f influence and money. As a good guy id have to be nice to me and while I dont want to kill anyone unless they are my enemy.
    As a human villain I think id be like Walter from Breaking Bad
  7. Definitely wanted to be a villain. All the fun, all the girls, all the drugs, all the money. What's not to like?
    On top of that, I'd just let lackeys take the blame and do the time. Win-win. They get a vacation, I get to continue being the villain.
    And not just a real life one, but you know Maleificent was awesome. Queen Regina? Hot and awesome.  
  8. Dane Cook is that you?
  9. All the time lol

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    I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that wants to be on the dark side. Maybe we should all form a league of high ass villains! We can have a villainous network and help eachother for the ultimate goal of ruling the world..but first we will have to take down the "illuminati" and show them that there are some more evil BAMF's than them.

    Lol this is such a badass high idea..maybe this should be under high ideas?..

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  11. ive decided that if i was to ever TRULY choose to commit suicide i would first try to become a great criminal.

    id choose my crimes based on profit and adrenaline rush. no small shit, all big robberies pretty much. maybe breaking and entering mansions and stealing all the best shit. i wouldnt ever want to hurt anybody though so crimes would be planned with that in consideration.

    my crimes would all be planned with the intention of getting away. if i was successful i would set aside 90% of earnings for my family and spend the rest on drugs. id be a coked up ubermensch experiencing what it really means to do whatever you want.

    i figure if i ever made it long enough without getting caught maybe the money would be enough to change my mind about suicide and id retire happily, OR if the cops are ever on me i would have a shootout where i purposely missed the cops when firing so theyd return fire and kill me.
  12. Then you'd go down as a horrible shot. Would you want that to be your legacy?
  13. youre right. perhaps ill have my gun engraved to say "shoot the lights" and then shoot all their flashers out. may as well cost em a few extra bucks before i go.

    ive always liked the idea of engraving a suicide weapon tbh. something like "im here but my minds gone" or "cancer cure" or "its all your fault mother" or something topical to you.
  14. The villains are always more interesting. The joker, two-face, scarecrow, led luthor, sinestro, darkseid, brainiac, atrocitus, zod...all more interesting than their heroic counter parts.
  15. "Here's shooting at you, kid"
    "I masturbated and then touched this"
    "Guts, glory, bam"
    "I must be a panda. Why else would I eat shoot and leave?"
  16. Nah, I'm all about that love and light :D
  17. Best watch dat ass Yadda

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  18. Haha why!
  19. If you're not down with the dark side, I'm coming for dat ass! 😁

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