Anyone else use weed as a form of currancy?

Discussion in 'General' started by mandmaz2, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. Sometimes my friends and I would sell/buy things using weed. It's pretty awesome.

    Anyone else do this kind of stuff?
  2. No

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  3. Not really, but I do find myself occasionally thinking about prices in terms of how much weed that would buy me. Usually when I'm debating how much booze to buy
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    I use it to exchange things.
    Edit: like "if you cover my shift I'll give you a gram." Usually they are casual smokers. So a gram does the trick.
  5. "I sell weed just to get money to buy shit, but everyone I buy shit from already smokes weed, so I just cut out the middle man and starting buying shit with weed" -Ricky

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  6. In the way that I'm greedy and keep it all to myself, sure. :cool:
  7. All the time, man  :smoking:
  8. Fuck yeah trailer park boys haha

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  9. No. The only thing I've done that came close to that is I traded an older tv I didn't use anymore for some weed from a neighbor. I was gonna pawn it for some weed anyway, so it worked out pretty well for me.
  10. I only trade buddy trades an ounce of premium for a family pack of New York Strips from King
  11. Weed is shared freely in my group
  12. I gave my friend 550 yuan (aka Chinese money) for 5 grams of weed
    Also if your wondering if i have Chinese money.... i went to china a few months back
  13. Yeah me and my friends do. If I have to buy my friend food cause he has no money I ask for weed instead of getting paid back haha or other drugs

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  14. Yeah buy ins for poker is usually a gram of bud, 2 if your buds not up to scratch!
  15. Me and my brother used to gamble on Mario Kart with it. Throw down a few grams of dank on a game of Kart, and shit gets crazy, lol.
    Why would your friend want Chinese money? I would have had to decline that offer lol
  17. He Chinese, and he was going to go back to China in a few days to see family, so might as well get rid of some chinese money, lol
  18. I used to give out weed as tips to people.....a lot cheaper then actual money sometimes
  19. Hash coins. Best currency ever.

    Ricky for Prime Minister.

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