anyone else use the flip a coin techniqe?

Discussion in 'General' started by davida0829, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. i was stoned as shit one day an found a quarter on the side walk an in my fuckedd up mind it was a symble that everytime i get high if i face a desicon i would flip the coin for the best answer sounds lame but it works lol =]

    anyways tonight i have been having a racing heart (185 beats per minute) waayy over my normal an i fliped the coin to see if i should smoke a bowl an 4 times it came up with a yes

    so should i obey the coin an get high or should i just take it easy tonight??:smoke::confused:
  2. Personally, I think I'd quit smoking weed if I couldn't outsmart a coin while high... but that's just me. :laughing:

  3. naw i can out smart it but i just like the idea of letting fate take over an taking a chance lets say i can either eat at

    a perkins

    b taco bell

    i flip the coin an i decide by the coin flip lets just say that i die of food poisoning it would be fate that caused it lol that make sence? i fallowed its advice an got high:smoke:
  4. Don't rely on it too often to make decisions or you'll end up like this guy:
  5. lol damn good point :eek: that would suck. that pic looks so familer what movie is it from?:smoke:
  6. lol if you know who the character is you should know the movie. I'll assume you're blazed as fuck though lol so I'll just tell you: The Dark Knight

  7. lol yea i am blazed as shit right now just smoked 2 bowls of lemon x skunk an i am gone lol

    thanks btw:smoke: THAT MOVIE WAS EPIC
  8. here is an example lol

    2day i was thinking of smoking a bowl of some dank (dealer riped me off this shit sucks) anyways so i flip it "i say heads i smoke tails i dont it came up heads"

    i asked another question said "what should i do when i am high heads i walk to the movies tails i wait for somthing to do it came up tails)

    so i get a call from my friend he says give u a blight poster for a pack of smokes an i say ok an walk down there an i get a new blacklight poster :hello:

    any ways the example of that i waited an waited an finaly somthing comes up wich i wouldnt have been able to do had i went an seen a movie and a blacklight poster is so much better then a movie
  9. If you really have faith in the coin, then you should have no problem with performing this simple test:

    1. Get two glasses.
    2. Fill one with beer and the other with piss.
    3. Ask the coin which glass to take a sip from.
    4. Repeat step 3 until the glass of beer is empty.

    In other words, you shouldn't leave anything up to a coin toss unless your name is Anton Chigurh. ;)


  10. lol ic ur point:smoke:

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