Anyone else use a Steam Roller/Shotgun?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by 420MD, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. I've got a sexy Gspot Steamroller with a Gspot Bowl, Nothing has ever gotten me higher.

    Wondering if anyone else uses these magical devices
  2. i recently purchased and smoked my first steamroller and i have 2 agree it gets u pretty fucked up with less weed, i assume because its like a pipe but with a huge chamber so the hit isnt harsh and no filtration i highly reccomend u get a glass screen for urs $1 at the lhs so u get 0 ash if u do and man ur set here is a pic of mine, it was also my first Rasta color piece
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  3. Nice piece! And yeah I use a Glass Gauze on my smaller pipe but the bowl I have on my steamroller has a small hole in the bottom so the gauze isn't even needed unless I'm smoking something finely grounded. The Glass gauze I have is the spiked looking thing from roor, its pretty sweet they get alot of resin though.
  4. I just ordered one. Looks like I got the second to last one, sold out now...seems some think the bowl and or bowl hole too big...
  5. Oh God, I haven't seen one of these in 25 years, didn't think people still used them. We use to make them out of 1 1/4 pop pipe, would cut 18in long, smooth out edges and just drill a hole to thread on a steel pipe piece. Ya they are a ass kicker for sure. Last one I did was with rosin, that was the first and only time 1 hit put me right out. And I mean I hit the floor and didnt wake up for almost 6 hours.
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