Anyone else tried this?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SprigganFR, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Well about a week about some of my friends and I had picked up some tabs of lsd. We each took two and we were all tripping really good, well about 2 hours into my trip I found that there was an extra tab in the bag, so I decided that I would take it and I would get a little harder trip and add a few hours on. This worked at first I tripped really hard, but when I came down I kind of just hit a point where I just stayed at and this lasted almost 20 hours till I was finally able to get to sleep (thankyou ambien) but has anyone else heard of this? I mean if you do the math of it I was only like 2 hours into my trip so like an extra 2 hours at the end of my trip, but my trip last so much longer than it should have.

    On another note, I was at my friends house while I was waiting for my trip to end, and I ended up talking to his dad about all the crazy stuff he did as a kid he told me about peyote, pcp, qualudes, all kinds of stuff that when he was my age was actually pretty much legal and everyone was doing it. I ended up smoking a bowl with him lol.

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