Anyone else think the holocaust didnt happen?

Discussion in 'General' started by Boosh, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Holocaust deniers are ignorant assholes that can't accept the fact that we live in a horrible world in which horrible things happen...
  2. Hah I dont understand how he could have anymore proof unless he was standing there watching it happen. Even then he would probably just claim it was good acting.

    What a fucking douchebag.
  3. gotta be the most ignorant stupid mother fucker if you think the holocaust didnt happen seriously :devious::p
  4. takes all kinds to make the world go around,but only a true dumbass wouls even sit there to say that something like that didnt happen ,i mean really are you that blind,deaf,dumb or just fucking stupid
    use the internet for more than entertainment,educate your mind
  5. Holocaust for sure happened, very few escaped those camps...Let me guess 9/11 was all bullshit to right?
  6. i think the simple idea that everyone accepts a story for what it seems to be simply because it seems so simple to believe does not make the story accurate, whether or not it should be "believed."

    that being said, i'm not saying that one can simply "deny the holocaust" as much as one can "deny the civil war."

    to deny the extent, or the actuality of a particular event is perfectly reasonable, as long as evidence is provided.
  7. For the longest time, I thought the only people who said the Holocaust never happened were social trolls just trying to see how you'd react, because they always look so smug telling it to you.

    Then I learned that people really are this stubborn and confused.

  8. I've read some really fucked up things about those times. German scientists that would do very cruel and twisted experiments on children...
  9. the term "holocaust denial" is a misnomer.

    no one "denies" there was a time period where the nazis hearded millions of people into camps where many were killed.

    what is questioned is the "official" story.

    there are things which are disputed such as the number of people actually killed. different sources give widely varying accounts. also, what is disputed is the fact that the holocaust is portrayed as a crime specifically against jewish people when in fact millions of other people of other ethnic persuasions as well as homosexuals and the handicapped were executed as well.

    another issue is that the holocaust is used a justification for unlawfully taking the palestinians land away from them. after the holocaust, the jews were essentially a stateless nation, and because the almightly bible said it was a jewish homeland, apparently that was justification enough to go basically commit genocide and forced displacement against the indigenous people of the land (palestinians).

    from like 70 ad to the end of the 1940's, israel was most definitely not a jewish homeland.

    but i keep forgetting, israel is above the law and all of the free world's resources should go into protecting the best interest of israel at all costs. and israel should be able to do whatever is necessary to stop the evil palestinians who shoot glorified bottle rockets at them even if it means flagrantly violating international law and geneva provisions (blocking intl press, blocking intl red cross, assaulting aid ships and aid convoys, forcibly hoarding palestinian civilians [including women and children] into a shelter only to deliberately shell it an hour later killing dozens, bombing a un operated school, burning to the ground a buidling which contained hundreds of tons of supplies for the refugee civilians, and the list goes on and on)
  10. i was skeptical for a while. cause i thought the illuminati created the order too high to deal with this.
  11. I'm on the moon right now.
  12. what a moron, in about 30+ years people are gunna be claiming 9/11 didnt happen
  13. i'll + rep ya for that one.
    i dislike Israel in many, many ways. it's hard to pity an entire nation for something that happened 40 years ago, that we got them out of when all they do is try and take advantage of it. Israel deserves nothing from me, neither do it's people.

    buuutttt, we need as many foot holes w/ permanent military bases in the mid east for the energy wars as we can get.
    maybe Obama won't be a pussy when it comes to Israel, but i doubt it.

  14. two words: rahm emmanuel
  15. Hey, the holocaust happened. My grandfather died at Aushwitz.

    He fell from a watchtower.......

    Sorry I couldn't resist. But yeah, anyone who denies the holocaust is batshit insane, I for one am lucky that my great grandparents saw the writing on the wall and got the hell out of Hungary in the 1920's. They were Jewish, and if they hadn't theres a good chance I never would have existed at all.
  16. I was going to say something along the same lines as weedzilla.

    Most 'holocaust deniers' only question details about the holocaust such as the numbers.

    The nazi's killed a lot of people - it wasn't always jews.

    It's kind of crazy the knee jerk reactions people have to the holocaust and hilter.

    Stalin killed way more people.
  17. the "prime minister" of iran denies the holocaust too
  18. Yeah but he also thinks that "There are no gay people in Iran."

    Crazy that those kind of people lead nations nowadays :eek:
  19. It will never happen. The Jewish Lobby is America will NEVER go away.

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