Anyone else think some good weed smells like sausage?

Discussion in 'General' started by Foniac, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. It just came to me when I was cooking the other night.

    I was frying up some nice Italian sausage, when I went, man this smells like some weed I had a while back.

    I remember sitting around, smoking, going, man does this shit smell like sausage?

    Anyone else ever associate these two aromas?
  2. ...what the fuck? lol man :smoke:

  3. no, but i had a pipe full of resin that smelled kinda like coffee.
  4. Sometimes when I hit my bubbler it taste like maple syrup, but not sausage.
  5. Sausage? No sir.
  6. Uhhhhh. No...I've always thought it smelled like ginger
  7. i've had hash that smelled a little like sausage, but not unprocessed herb.
  8. the shwag around here used to up until about a year ago.. now it smells like feet and fruit.. weird
  9. You're stoned man.
  10. No, can't say that I have. But don't you hate it when you're driving through the countryside with your window open and you think you smell weed but as you get closer you realize that someone just hit a skunk? Ugh, I hate that. It's such a tease.
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  11. Maybe it's your subconcious speaking- trying to tell you something.....

    Hmmm- what could it be trying to tell you????

    Maybe you want to smoke the sausage :eek:....

    hahahahaha- I'm just kidding around.

    My pot has never smelled like sausage- just skunks, pine, and goodness.
  12. loads of nice green smells like coffee. had some tasty shit that smelt like sick though. Was billin up on a bus full of kids n when i opened the grinder some girl shouted that someone had stepped in shit.
  13. only bad thing my weed has smelt like is that sweat smell, kinda like armpits...ya..eww
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  14. Never ever, when I've been dry for a while i usually think skunk is weed.
  15. i had weed that smells sour
  16. My husband has said some good herb smells like sausage before, I just tell him he's crazy, it smells like herb. ;)
  17. Sausage smelling hash-western Washington mid 70's - early 80's...I'd like to experience that again...way better than the McRib.
  18. Sometimes my weed smells like semen. Probably because I jack off on my weed though.
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  19. Absolutely not at all
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