Anyone else think bars are dumb?

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  1. First off, I dont mean just going and sitting at a bar and having some beers and watching sports or something.

    I mean going to these bars with way too loud of music with way too many people.

    I turned 21 in September and went to a few bars down in Jacksonville beach. It just seemed pathetic.
    It was full of low 20s to upper 30s year old people doing, what I guess they would call dancing.
    It was like watching a high school freshman formal except everyone had older bodies.
    This was my experience.
    Go to bar, get a shot, drink, etc. Then either stand in the crowd and dance, which basically meant move in some sort of rhythm while rubbing against complete sluts and ditzes.
    Or sit at a booth and order drinks and then get up again.
    Then we would move to the next bar.

    I saw no attraction to it. College kids always talk about going to the bars and stuff, and all I really see it as now is simple-minded people trying to act cool(IDK if cool is the right word).
    I realize that sounds obnoxious, when I say simple-minded I dont mean dumb or anything. But its like all they wanna do is go drink and act obnoxious(to use that word again).

    idk, I dont think I worded this very well since Im having a hard time getting out exactly what I mean.
    But it just seems so pathetic and silly to me. Its like they all fool themselves into enjoying it.
  2. I had a similar experience when I went. I got drunk, found a poop dollar and went back to my humble abode.

    On the plus side I got a dollar. :)
  3. Sometimes getting drunk and dancing is fun. :confused_2:

    And some of us can't dance. But fuck you, why do you think I got drunk first? :D
  4. Oh I was drunk the whole time.
    I was standing in the middle of people dancing, with 2 girls actually halfway dancing on me. And all I could think was, "this is the dumbest thing ever. How old are you girls, 25 or 14?"

    But its like all these people use alcohol and then the dancing as a fast forward through the normal circumstance of meeting and talking to a girl.
    Its just 2 people that see eachother on the dancefloor,"ooh he's cute""ooh shes cute"
    *bobs up and down on eachother while giving slightly hinting looks the whole time like they are on the front of a Calvin Klein magazine*
    5 minutes and 3 spoken sentences later
    *making out*
  5. Yeah that about sums it up. What the problem is? :D
  6. well i've only been to 1 bar, it was more of a chill bar(no dancing) but because its small and gets busy its hard to move through. especially when bands play, i heard rhcp actually played a secret show there. i just like drinkin, chattin, watchin a game and maybe play some pool. not into the dumb drunk slut thing
  7. I hate bars and clubs, I only go to the bar when I go the country because that is where you can sit grab a beer and just chat to the locals. I don't dance and do not want to pick up woman. What other point is there?

    But my friend he loves to dance(if you can call it that) and fuck girls when drunk.

    Each to there own. Most people class me as weird, I class them as boring
  8. I hate bars they are overpriced, full of douches and sluts, and i like to have a real conversation with people about things not trade 5 slurred words. \
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    In my 20's, I went to bars/clubs that had the vibe you're talking about, OP....people getting drunk and doing other drugs while loud music plays and lots of people are dancing in a crowded space

    It seems stupid to me now. I really didn't even enjoy that stuff now that I think about it

    So, yeah.......I don't go to bars or clubs anymore. I drink lots of different craft beers and enjoy myself at home instead of going out and spending like 4 times as much.....only to end up not enjoying myself

  10. i agree with u, turned 21 about 2 months ago, those college bars kinda suck like that, i prefer sports bars, drink some beers and watch the packers. Or even just smaller bars with decent live music. i hear ya loud and clear, u just gotta find a cool bar
  11. Ya idk why some kids love doing that dumb shit
  12. Bars are aight. Hit and miss.

    I hate clubs tho...fuck that
  13. I loved going to clubs and bars when I was in highschool.

    Now not-so-much. Too many underage girls and guys who have nothing better to do than start fights.
  14. i like my local bars. a few of them are good for just drinking and watching whatever game is on.

    although we have a local brewery/bar named Milly's, and sometimes they play classic rock and anyone from 35-55 are on the floor and doing what im guessing is trying to "dance"... i stay away from there on those nights
  15. I avoid bars. In my experiences I either deal with dumb drunks that think they're your friend, loud drunks(which doesn't help because of loud music), or asshole drunks that pick fights...and they're all people you don't know which makes it worse. Of course this isn't the case all the time, but a good portion of the time I've gone out I've had to deal with it...bottom line is, I hate drunk people I'm not familiar with.
    If I wanna drink I'll get a case, invite some buds over and sit by the bonfire in my backyard and not worry about the drive home ...or running up my tab :laughing:
  16. I feel the same way, except when I do go out, I do feel like it was a good experience afterwards. The key ingredient is alcohol. As soon as you start to rationalize, this seems like one of the dumbest things in the world, but alcohol makes it hard to think rationally.
    It is in reality a very stupid thing. People all bunch together in one place and act exactly the same. There is no room for intelligent conversation there, or any conversation at all for that matter. I guess for many people that's what they do it for, to get away from every day life and just act in a way that is completely inappropriate in any other setting. I guess it isn't the behaviour that really matters, the drinking and dancing, I think it's the fact that it is so different from what they do normally.
  17. I'm the same as you OP. I enjoy chilling out in a pub with a couple of mates having a leisurely pint of two watching some football, but when you can barely hear yourself think let alone speak, are surrounded by obnoxious loud sweaty and drunk people and can hardly move then fuck that shit.
    I too am seen as somewhat of an oddity, most of my mates love going raving/clubbing or whatever, but I always feel like an idiot jumping up and down in a crowd and getting drunk was never all that fun for me, but as you said, to each his own...
  18. I went to bars in college, not because I really wanted to, but because my friends did. In my experience they have three big strikes against them: they're loud, they're crowded and they're expensive.
    The music is often unbearably loud and usually shitty. You have to force your way through a solid mass of bodies to get anywhere and I could think of a million better places to spend my money. That was all when I was 18-20 and I have not been to a bar at all since turning 21. Of course I was never too much into drinking, the only form of drinking I ever really cared for was beer pong.

    I would much, much, MUCH rather have just stayed in and taken bong rips and played some pong than go to a bar.
  19. I can't have a good time in any sort of bar anymore. The thought of having to get behind the wheel and have a cop hiding around the corner to bust me for DUI really scares the shit out of me. In Florida a first time DUI costs about $5K. And it isn't really about being drunk, 2 or 3 beers will get you a DUI...
  20. Exactly why I kick back and have a cold one in the comfort of my own home, or crash at a buddies place if i'm to hammered.

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