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Anyone else stones like this....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by poker2, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. ..Super stoned out of your mind, buttt no effects of MJ??:confused::eek: Like no buzz, no cottonmouth but your fucking stoned out of your mind.
    Was some dank weed.

    Summary: Who else has ever felt super stoned out of their mind with dank, but didn't have the usuall effects of mj?

  2. I never got cotton mouth the only thing I got was two days ago I had some o.g and it made the saliva really thick. My mouth wasn't dry! It just made it really thick
  3. I love how the only two options are "what", or "I have".

    So either we have experienced what your talking about, or where idiots who can't comprehend what your trying to say.
  4. Pretty much sums up every response for the poll.

    On topic though yes this has happened to me multiple occasions. It happens more frequently with higher quality herb. Maybe it because it is better taken care of and the side effects aren't as bad or noticeable.
  5. I never got cotton mouth until my liek 20th time smoking. I stopped gettin super stoned when i first got cotton mouth and havent gotten super stoned since. I'm fuckin pissed.
  6. different types of weed give me different highs, this one strain made my spit so wet. And another made my mouth like a desert. I've had strains that when i smoke it, it doesnt even give me the munchies but i feel so fucked up.

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