Anyone else stocking up?

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  1. Apparently the flavored tobacco ban goes into effect tomorrow so gas stations are letting boxes of 25 blunt wraps go for $15. My friend and I picked up a box of grape and a box of tropical passion. We were hoping to get wet mango but everyone already got to those. We don't smoke blunts that often though so this will last us a while. We're also going to roll up a nice fat purp one in a grape to save for a long time.
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    edit: i just looked it up and apparently it only applies to light and flavored cigarettes, not wraps or papers or hookah or anything like that, thank god, although it is disconcerning that your gas stations are getting rid of wraps by the box, maybe its a city thing? i will research more into it

    okay, found it

    Can I still buy blunt-wraps? - Show 1 Answer

    A1: Yes, blunt-wraps can still be purchased because the new law only addresses the flavoring of cigarettes (unless you live in a city that has banned the sale of blunt-wraps, like Boston). [Answer submitted on Aug 23, 2009 12:33 AM]

    A2: According to the bill, it states that any tobacco product allowed prior to feb. 2007 will not be taken off the market by the FDA. It is mainly looking to prevent new products and regulate via inspection and disclosure products already on the market. So I would say that they will not ban clove cigarettes.
  3. i dont think my city is aware of this lol
  4. I believe that this first round of changes only effects cigarettes and not cigars of any kind.
  5. I guess it may just be a local thing. The guy at the gas station was saying they all have to go by the 22nd. Anyone else in metro ATL experiencing this?
  6. Blunt wraps are still way overpriced and not onsale here..
  7. yeh there overpriced, i wasn't even aware of this lol
  8. Im in upstate NY and a gas station near my place of work has signs up telling clove smokers to stock up, nothing about blunts smokers though

  9. The ROCS station here has a sign for clove smokes too. Bleh.. they aren't the greatest things in the world.
  10. I'm glad Green Games are still gonna be around.
  11. I've slowly been creating a stock pile of Salvia(i know, not really related but w.e) from head shops that still sell it around here.

    Ill be making the $$$$$ in 2010 :D
  12. because the demand is soo high for salvia :rolleyes:

  13. hahahahahahahaha
  14. You'd be surprised. Once it becomes illegal it will be wanted more.
  15. nah, the only reason there is any demand for it is because of youtube videos and it's legality. who the fuck would want salvia when weed is also illegal with it?
  16. WEED > salvia FTW all day everyday. no word on any type of ban in my area
  17. When I went into a gas station today there were no blunts to be seen. :(

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