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Anyone else sober tonight?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by amateurblazer, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I smoked in the afternoon, which was the last of my stash. I was supposed to pick up a quarter today, but things never seem to go as planned lol. So, here I am laying in bed sober unable to fall asleep. If I had bud, I probably would of fell asleep already, it just seems so boring and dull laying in bed sober. Lol, so who else is sober tonight?
  2. im sober until my parents go to bed which is in about a couple hours
  3. Haha, reminds me of what tomorrow night is going to be like. :smoke:
  4. In the same boat, sober tryin to sleep. Shit sucks
  5. this.
  6. thats a defo no! been on the pipe from 10 this mornin along wi a coctail of uppers an downers an i feel brilliant! sorry to rub it in m8,:smoke:
  7. Smoked the last of my bud yesterday... Was supposed to get shrooms tonight, but I guess not....
  8. Lol it really does suck, this past week I've been falling asleep on accident because I'd be so baked, if I were to lay down I'd fall asleep instantly, now I can't even close my eyes cuz I feel like it's not doing anything lol.
  9. Lol feel free to rub it in my face all you want. I could care less, because tomorrow night is a different story :D :smoke: :bongin:
  10. Starting to come down now, not entirely sober yet. Going to be for the next three days though, drug test for my job. Passing is more important than being high, i need the job to buy more weed lol.
  11. Out of weed. This is a dark day in the book of Nathan.
  12. You asked a question so I answered lol. Not rubbin' in your face man. I'd share a bowl dude, I'm not stingy :p
  13. I was sober... But I hadn't cleaned my pipe in a while and it was caked in resin. I had never smoked resin before and I though it really didn't work. I just scraped the resin and smoked a shit load and i'm decently high. I like it quite a bit.

    Not to rub it in but FUCK NO I AINT SOBER
  14. I am not sober...
  15. It's fine, I didn't mean that in a rude way. I'm not taking any of these answers to offense. Haha, I just wanted to see who else was in the same situation in me, and if you aren't, then feel free to say what you're up to then.
  16. I smoked my last bud 2 days ago but have been living off of resin for the last 2 days as well haha but I'm all out now.... But not tomorrow...
  17. im half way through a gram of some bomb ass white widow through my sheldon black 6 nooooooooooooooooooooo sir:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  18. I have sum resin to scrape, but I'd rather just wait until tomorrow, because I hate working with resin, it's too sticky and makes anything it touches smell nasty. Plus my bro is holding onto my bong upstairs, so I'm too lazy to leave bed just to get it and scrape some resin that might not even do a thing.
  19. Just smokin some good stuff I picked up last night and chillin. I rented the movie Battle: Los Angeles on redbox tonight and about to watch that. Anyone seen this or know if it's a good movie?

    Edit: Oh yeah and dude I didn't take it in a rude way lol no worries man.

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