Anyone Else Smoke Out Of A Briar Wood Pipe?

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  1. For about the last year, I've been smoking my herbs with this briar-wood pipe. I usually load some premium tobacco for the bottom half of the bowl, and then my ground herbs on top. The hit usually gives me just a little bit of the tobacco smoke and flavor, but it's MUCH better than the 'mollers' most people take using cigarette tobacco. One day, I just looked at my sparkly, pretty glass pipe, and realized I'm a grown ass man (despite my avatar lol), and it didn't really fit my personality the way this briar pipe does. When I'm growing, I pack the bottom with bud-trim instead of tobacco, but if I did that every time it would get really expensive, since the bottom tends to get a little damp and needs to be dumped out.


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  2. I have a nice briar pipe that used to be my grandpa's.. the stem unscrews from the bowl part and it has a type of small chamber that serves as a filter.  I only use it to smoke tobacco though (local blends only).  I just can't bring myself to put weed in it..

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