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Anyone Else Smoke Abv?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sutats, May 27, 2013.

  1. Just wondering if other people are doing it. I always save up my vaped weed and then roll a fat joint with it. Gets me ripped as fuck every time. I also occasionally make edibles. But is it normal to smoke it?

  2. Thank you kind sir. I will be smoking one in exactly an hour and a half in your honor. :smoke:
  3. I love abv, how it just builds up wth daily vaping and then its like "damn I got an oz of abv". You can smoke it, but I personally don't really like smoking it straight, it only gives you the buzz you didn't get from the vapor, and all that delicious herb taste is gone. But if you mix it with kief in a j or top an abv bowl with some its just like smoking the fresh green.
    I heard you can make honey oil with abv, which I would like to try. but I usually just put it all into edibles, Ive gotten the most stoned Ive ever been eating a quarter oz  of abv and then having the nerve to vape a fat bowl during the onset. I swear I was like :hippie:
    Happy tokin!
  4. Smoking it is just nasty.... Only gives a slight 30 min body high.
  5. I always give mine a QWISO treatment.  An oz. worth gives back a couple days of heavy dabbing in return.  Well worth it.   Almost look forward to running out of tree.

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