Anyone Else Sick Of The Term sheeple

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    1st of all, its over used.  Secondly, now anytime your pro gov your instantly labelled "sheeple", and must be a moron.  Seems a bit ironic to me.  Its now the "hip" way to divide sides so its still us vs them.  The anti-sheeple people(tm) act like its a crime to have an opinion opposite them, so really they are just pro-oppressing the other side, back to square one....think about that you sheeple fuckers
    While I am ranting, teachers are not underpaid....not even close. 

  3. Regardless of the term, there are people who go about their daily lives without ever questioning or wondering about the truth.

    There is a fundamental error with this
  4. They disagree with me, therefore, they are sheeple!
  5. Yeah well fuck you too buddy.  ;)
    But really...there are good teachers and there are bad ones...more bad than good...that's the point of raising the salary. It's not to award the teachers that are teachers right now, it's to offer a more competitive career path so that school districts have a wider range of talent to choose from. If you're a reasonably intelligent and well-adjusted individual, and you're're not doing it because there's nothing else that you can do that would make you more money. You're doing it, at least partially, out of a sense of selflessness and service to the children. It is very rare to find people like that, and you cannot set the educational system up in such a way that it depends on finding, and retaining, these people.
  6. I really can't believe how many shitty teachers there are out there..I was lucky enough to be in a high school where even though the teachers were underpaid, most of them genuinely cared about the students. 
    The only downside is it was a Christian school so they tried to brainwash us at the same time
  7. No.i am not sick of the word "sheeple". Its a great word to describe a certain time of people
  8. 2:30 PM sheeple fucking make me sick.
  9. 12:05 people, always major jerks. 
  10. I like the 420 sheeples
  11. It's annoying because people think they are being sooo clever when they use the word.
  12. I equally dislike all humans
  13. Dont forget WWW.PRISONPLANET.COM

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  14. It is clever. Whats annoying is drops of water from trees to the neck in winter .
    Or a slow driver in the fast lane..
  15. Teachers are definatley under paid, my school has a pay freeze(no raises for the past 5yrs or so) floridas a right to work state(no strikes) an they just had to lay off 19 teachers
  16. No.

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  17. It's a shite term that has been diluted by overuse.
  18. It's not overused. There are way too many sheeple that won't recognize that they are sheeple.

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