Anyone else see no problem with pinching from a parent's stash?

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  1. Whenever I read about someone finding their parent's stash, 99 times out of 100, they'll also include that they pinched around a gram or so to compensate for the bullshit that they've gone through with the same parent telling them that drugs are bad and getting pissed off when the parent finds the son/daughter's stash. Also, in the thread, there will be countless people telling that person that it's horrible that they stole weed from their parent(s). In my opinion, the kid has every right to pinch off the parent's stash JUST ONCE to be reimbursed for all the bullshit they've been put through regarding the precious herb. Also, the shit's still illegal, no matter who owns it, the parent is obviously aware of the type of world that is associated with drugs, and they have to come to terms that the drug world (including weed) has its dangers, and having their stash pinched off of is no big deal compared to some of the other shit that can happen. By the way, both of my parents are hardcore anti-drugs so I've never been able to pinch off of them, but if they do get into it and I find their stash, God help them....
  2. It's one thing to snatch a bowl when your dry and fiending, but it's fucked up if you have a fat sack and then go all clepto and pinch their nugs.
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    i personally would but just because they are older and it seems that they should play a more adult role not a care-free son/daughter role

  4. So you won't be smoking when you've grown up then? After all, you'll be older, so you should be playing a more adult role.

  5. man before my parents quit smoking i had never bought weed in my life and trust me my parents are fucked up when they found my brothers stash they acted like they were going to send him to military school so when i found out they had a stah of there own i took like atleast 2 bowls everyday and 1 time i took like a 8th of shake i used to get so high everyday but then one day i went in there and there was no weed left and i never found any again but sometimes i still jack my brothers ish but i think he weighs it no prob stealing from a parents stash or any family members stash if you ask me:):hello:

  6. Wow, that is the worst thing I have ever read in my life,
    you are the scum of the earth...
  7. agreed!! your a scavenger stoner bottom of the food chain of stoner's pathetic man
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    fuck you i can steal from any family member i want to they do it to me all the time you stupid fag go suck a fat one and stop trying to suck up to that guy above you what to you blow him or sumthin and to the guy above me r u a stalker or something you reply to all my threads posted in a diffrent place then you come on here and rep;ly to threads i reply to get a life i dont give a flying fuck about your opinoin so there

    This kind of attitude doesn't float here, peace. ~AK~
  9. we got a regular e-thug on are hands here... if you "dont give a flying fuck" then why did you get so angry when I called you a scavenger, you dont buy your own weed is what you said so you scavenge off others weed which would make you a pathetic scavenger. So now not only are you a pathetic scavenger stoner but you are also a very short tempered angry stoner the two worst kind of stoners
  10. first off i dont buy weed from dealers for 10 dollars when they buy it for 50 cents and dont say know they dont because i have been to jamaica so please just stop talking or replying to my messages because i thought i was joining a community of mellow stoners but it seems like mixed in there there is a few souped up hash taken fags thats probably smoke meth to
  11. if you didn't pay for it (or if you dint grow it), whatever, if it doesn't belong to you - ask before you're taking it. what if i come to your house, grab something that belongs to you and leave? theft is theft, family member or not. you eat your parents food - they know that your doing that, you live in your parents house and contribute to their bills - they know about that. if you take their pot, they should know about that too
  12. now look at your two post... one is very angry at me for making & post on the website about how pathetic it is that you steal weed from your family because your a scavenger... The other makes absolutely no sense I never said anything about you buying weed for 10 dollars that dealers but for 50 cents?? Im not even sure what to get out of your most recent post.. It has nothing to do with anything. and you thought you were joing a community of mellow stoners you are right, your the one getting all angry over nothing... but just keep having fun in your little crazy world

  13. Haha, no wonder you have neg rep. And I guess were supposed to respect your opinion because you've been to Jamaica? Hahaha.:hello:


  14. what are you talking about what does going to jamaica have to do with anything your not even in it idk what your problem is maybe your just so bored you go on the internet looking for fights and i wasnt stating my opinion i was stating fact because its a fact thats how much dealers buy weed for and thats how much my brother gets his weed for so i can jack it all i want
  15. so your telling us your brother gets weed for 50 cents??
  16. man idk what your problem is you are the one saying i should just go out and buy my own weed and i just told you why i dont and i barely steal from my brothers stash as i said in my comment and if i asked him for it and he had alot he would probably give it to me anyway i smoked for the first time today because I DONT BUY WEED id rather spend my money on other things then buying weed and stealing from my family members isnt that bad especially when they have three ounces of weed and i have none and the only reason i steal from them is because they dont let me smoke reatard
  17. that is exactly what im telling you that is how much dealers buy weed for and my brother knows one well so he buys weed off of him for how much that guy gets it for it depends on how much your getting 5ocents is for a dime
  18. ok do you live in the states? cuz if you do I dont care if your brother is sucking the dealers dick, he aint getting no g for 50cents... Now see the thing is you say you should spend your money else were instead of on weed but yet you still wanna smoke it is its pathetic that you rob your own family just because they have weed you should take it no... not at all, & your obviously underage & if they dont let you smoke then you shouldnt be stealing there weed... to smoke thats retarded where I live you would be known as a skeez or a scavenger & everbody hates them your pathetic
  19. Ha, weird, I was just heading over to my moms. She doesn't know I smoke, and I'm not supposed to know she does. Every now and then I'll pinch a bowl or two. I don't think I will today, since I got a little money and I think I'll pick up my own, but usually I would, I don't see a problem with it.

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