Anyone Else Rebreath When They Toke?

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    Meaning you blow out a bit of your hit, then breathe in, then blow some more out, then breathe in and so on and so on until it's completely gone. I find it gets me markedly higher.

  2. Yeah kind of what you said 
  3. yes, love smoke tricks
    French inhale is through the nose
    kill hit is mouth
    never heard re breath before
  4. I like to smoke like 2 consecutive bowls.
    -inhale smoke
    -exhale smoke
    -inhale smoke again
    -exhale smoke again
    Slams you in the head.
  5. What happened year 1913?  Income tax amendment?  Is that what you're referring to?
  6. It only takes about 3 seconds for the THC to absorb into the lungs. You hold it in anymore, and you are getting oxygyn, which gives you the illusion of being higher.
  7. I usually take a hit, hold it for a few seconds, then breath in a bit more and hold it, etc. until my lungs are full.  The idea being to introduce a bit more oxygen every time to collect every bit of THC I can from each hit.
  8. This^
    Anything over 3-5 seconds is just purposely damaging your lungs.
  9. There have been a few times that I have blown my smoke into a balloon and let it get forced back into my lungs.
  10. I never heard of this either. Doesn't really make since to me. You are just making yourself light headed and high.
    Less oxygen is no illusion, head rushe's are fun!
  12. But head rushes do more damage to the brain. Too much air to the brain is damaging.
  13. So what, smoke already damges all living cells, so fuck it.
    can't preach health benefits whe. D2bating about smoki g herb
  14. Okay I feel the need to clarify something here.
    When you hold in a hit for longer, you aren't absorbing more oxygen, in fact absorbing oxygen is a good thing as it assists with gas exchange.  :rolleyes:
    The "extra high feeling" people report is actually due to an excessive absorption of carbon which combined with the holding of the breath, slightly deprives the brain of oxygen, resulting in lightheadedness.
    I cannot reiterate enough that oxygen absorption is not damaging to the brain.
  15. Ok then, why do we pass out when we get too must oxygyn?
  16. I believe you're referring to hyperventilating, which is when a person's breathing cycle is amped up which results in over absorption of CO2, which is the gas oxygen replaces in your pulmonary capillaries during gas exchange.
    Basically you inhale too quickly to properly remove all of the CO2 from your exhaling breath, which results in you reabsorbing CO2, repeat the process enough and you saturate your alveoli with CO2, preventing oxygen from entering the bloodstream.
    Ironically, what you're referring to is the lack of oxygen entering your blood stream.
    The only way to damage yourself with oxygen consumption is if you have access to a hyperbaric oxygen chamber or a source of oxygen rich gas, both of which I imagine would require some sort of medical license.
  17. Ok, thank you for setting me straight :)
  18. Hey babe Ruth, im pretty sure 1913 is the year that cannabis was made effectively illegal.
  19. If I lose smoke then I re-inhale but only for a short period of time. I'm trying to learn smoke tricks though.
  20. I breathe in air as I'm taking a hit... because smoke is hot lol

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