Anyone Else Really Rock Out At Concerts?

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  1. I'm really high and my happy feel good emotions get really strong when i blaze, and i was just thinking back at all my cool concert memories. I've seen pretty much all my favorite bands live, and am never more than 3 deep in the pit. I'm always on the rail or one behind the guys on the rail. 
    I always rock out hardcore at concerts. I'm not a crazy drunk or real talky upbeat guy, I'm mellow. But I really get in to concerts. I have horns up all night and am moving hard to the music even if no one else around me is really moving. I just like really feel the music.
    Met Aaron Lewis of Staind a few years ago, I look real young in the pic so i'm sure i'll get flack but I turn 19 (Nineteen, not a tyop) in July. This was right before my 17th birthday. Aaron was high as a kite and I'll never forget that dank weed smell coming out of his bus after the show. Sweetest, most aromatic joint smoke I've ever smelled. He's obviously ripped in the pic.  So, for anyone who cares...

  2. Of course rocking out to riffs makes it like a 100 times better.  I saw Sabbath live about a month ago and my neck and back are still recovering.
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    Yeah man defo. Don't really "rock out" - different genres, different styles of gettin down n all that. 

    But yeah, I feel the music and i'm gone. Don't see the point in going somewhere predominantly for music n not movin. Gotta be good vibes tho! 

    I was at a festival a few months ago and my legs still don't feel the same. Some mad skanking went down for many hours straight (no drugs other than a little weed and a couple beers to aid the madness!)
  4. gotta love spendin time in the pit at a metal concert.

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