Anyone else realizing they should have harvested yesterday because of the storm?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by BackyardGrower, Sep 30, 2022.

  1. I'm in VA and my plants are getting bartered by the wind right now. I need to go pick branches up off the ground :bang:
  2. That's why I like Indoors.

    If I was growing outdoors, I'd have them in containers,
    so I could move them into the garage during bad weather.
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  3. if in flower you could have secured them down with plastic trash bags and string
    if in veg you could drop to a large pot
    branches can be cloned

    post pics

    good luck
  4. i went threw hurricane harvey years back, do you know how they wrap christmas trees?
    if so find something to loosely wrap the plant and take it off when the wind is gone, but wait for the eye to pass by , the west and back side of the storm is the worst.
    i wrapped mine that way for 4 days and they still did just fine
  5. I'm not in Hurricane country but I always use Cages and Nets, just because...............
  6. The storm has passed. My plant in a bag blew over 3 times before I got the bright idea of moving it to a less windy corner. The one in the ground got beaten up pretty good.
    I have an inverted tomato cage, but the plant is 6 feet tall and the cage less than 3.
    I already removed branches that were touching the ground. Here's how it looks now.
    Hopefully the humidity comes down. 20221001_135202.jpg 20221001_135132.jpg 20221001_135104.jpg
  7. Just removed most of the main cola because of mold :(
    Anything with mold on it is garbage, no use right?

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