Anyone Else Rather Share Their Weed Than To Smoke Alone?

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  1. I love smoking alone, but I would much rather share my weed with my friend. He's been smoking a lot longer than I have, probably for about 10 years. I can take a single hit and be fucked up, then have to unpack my bowl and stick it in a mini bag for the next session. I feel like a bitch because I can't even clear a single bowl. When he smokes with me, after I get fucked up I give it to him and he takes a huge 10 second hit and clears the whole thing out. Then we flush it and we're both good for the day.
    Or would you rather smoke it by yourself?

  2. I enjoy both, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I just wanna be alone and sometimes I want some damn company!
  3. I love toking alone. I can smoke as much as i want, saves me a ton of bud, i can do whatever i want while baked and so on.
  4. Right now I'm into sharing the bud but I usually prefer smoking alone because I can do creative projects.
  5. I ALWAYS share my bud n I'm startin to get sick of it.
  6. I used to be that way, then I started to notice that people were only coming around when they didn't have bud, and conveniently "were busy" and couldn't chill when they did have bud.
    I still enjoy sharing, I just don't let people know I have any beforehand.
  7. I like to share because I love compliments from others about the fruits of my labor :D It makes me happy to know I'm doing something I love and am doing it right :smoking:
  8. Some days I need my personal sesh but when i want to get high with others i'll offer. Weed is meant to be shared.
  9. I'll share but i keep tabs on who's smoking how much. I like sharing though. It'd be no fun if I was in a room and I was the only one high. Most of my friends will remember that I've smoked them out and so when I owe them money or something they don't hassle me much. It all works out in the end.
    I have those days though where I just like to smoke alone though and relax a little bit.
  10. I love smoking by myself. I usually just ride out to some tunes and draw and shit. What ever i feel like. But burning with homies is always dope aswell. Personally being high, no matter the scenario is perfection.
  11. And i dont mind sharing. Its just annoying when you burn some one and they never return the favor.
  12. And i dont mind sharing. Its just annoying when you burn some one and they never return the favor.
  13. I like alone more but groups are fun to  :ey:
  14. id rather share but to an extent. i hate when ill smoke people up then they never smoke me up then im just like hey fuck you im going to smoke alone now
  15. a lot of times I share my weed. I go to my friend's crib and smoke him up sometimes. the problem is that there's always tons of motherfuckers at his house and they always wanna smoke. I love smoking alone as well.
  16. I really like to have my weed go as far as possible. And when I'm by myself, I smoke one bowl or dab one hit and I am high, and I don't feel the need to smoke for another couple hours. When I'm with friends, we always smoke socially, so weed doesn't last as long. Definitely very easy to go through a couple grams an hour.

    I'd rather have a cigar and scotch socially with friends, and save my bud for my gf and myself :)
  17. I smoke alone so often it doesn't even bother me anymore. I just see it as an opportunity to listen to the music I want to listen to and think some seriously deep thoughts like "Is the timeline for Terminator actually as stable as we think?". If I've got someone with me I'll invite them in but if they say no I just go about my business no problem
  18. I keep a good 50/50 split as far as socially vs alone, because I do enjoy good company but I need those introspective times too. My circle knows that everyone pitches in the same amount. If someone can't fill their share, we'll spot you now but you better pick up the slack the next time you pick up some ganj.

    As far as smoking with new people goes, I'm a little stingy towards sharing it to be honest. That's how a lot of people here are though.
  19. When I can afford it, I like to smoke with others. I hate being alone on 4-20.
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    Unlesss I was just going to take a quick hit and be done, I'd always rather smoke wih someone else, on Saturday, I picked up a couple gs of dank, and didn't even touch it for an hour and a half while waiting for someone to come down. It's always better (for me) to smoke with someone and share the experience.

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