Anyone else play ukulele???

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  1. Let me start this off by saying I've been playing self-taught on and off for the past year or so and I've been loving it.
    If you play, post videos of you playing or pictures of your uke. If you're interested in starting out, feel free to ask questions!

  2. Playing a little something for you guys :)

  3. SWEEEEEEEET.  I play uke and have been for a couple years.  Pretty much any instrument you put in front of me.  It's so awesome you did a John Lennon cover.  I want to post some vids of my covers too.  I'll post them here.  Also my guitar covers of beatles songs I think you might enjoy.  I needed an incentive to record and here it is :) I'll be posting soon
  4. i bought my lady a uke xmas 2012...but 2013 was a very fucked year for us and it distracted us both away from our art together, gladfullly we will be jamming together soon.
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    Love the uke! I have a Kala concert.

    I play it a lot, but have never recorded anything with it. Perhaps something to add to the list. :smoke:

    Am on mobile, but I'll be back to listen to your cover.
    EDIT: Well played on the cover. Definitely dig it and am totally adding that song/more Beatles to my uke repertoire.
    I haven't got into uke's yet, but Jake S is insane. 
  7. wow. That's amazing. I like how he called it 'ukulele' weeps hehehe and at around 3:10 DAMN i didn't know it was possible to shred on a ukulele until now
    and now a picture of my uke. It's a Luna dolphin concert sized that I got for Christmukkah (my dad's jewish and mom's christian lol) 

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  8. I bought one not too long ago and I've only messed around on it a little bit, I still can't find a sound I quite like, but I play guitar so its a pretty easy transition. There's just something about the sound its making I don't quite like yet.. but I love that cover! It was brilliantly simple, keep it up!
  9. I bought a shittly little £20 uke for the fuck of it and i've never looked back lol. Always good fun to take a pop song and make it sound all hawaiian and shit.
  10. thank you!  :)

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