Anyone else order anything from the Cyberweeks Sale??

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by cannabiscurtis, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. nicee. you should up your order to 50 bucks and see what goodies they send :p
  2. I want to order an ac during this sale, leaning towards the blaze circ perc. Anyone have any recommendations?
  3. I would, but unfortunately I'm trying to spend $50 max including shipping (I have to use a prepaid credit card).
  4. i wanna grab one of the Blaze showerhead ashcatchers. im just not sure because i cant figure out how big it is. as far as tubes go, i prefer smaller pieces in general, and a smaller piece deserves a smaller ashcatcher, both from the safety of the bong and the functionality of the diffuser.

    anyone else have a Blaze ashcatcher? one of the ones that look like the classic illadelph a/c's?
  5. I ended up just getting the Black Leaf j-hook for my inline rusty...
    Black Leaf Connector - Bongs & Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes -
    I don't like waiting for shit.. but its small enough and im in no hurry to get it.. its just the cheapest and sleekest j-hook i've seen online

    Also ordered a couple keck klips from another site that had 15% off and free shipping for Black Friday
  6. OP,damn you got the sexiest piece i have ever seen in my life. thats what im planning on getting one day.
  7. well i hope not. ive ordered from here before and it seemed like they had everything pretty securely packaged and marked fragile. im stoked for it to get here though, and like you said hopefully in one piece:eek:
  8. still deciding between the m420 or the i420
  9. ive got the mini and i must say i love it. i havent hit the big one so i cant say if its better or worse, but i really do like the mini

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