Anyone Else Noticing This?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeremy Fisher, May 25, 2013.

  1. I don't know if I am the only one noticing this but it seems like there are new laws being passed around the country raising age limits and preventing future use of alcohol
    There are some states around the country that have set the age to buy tobacco/blunt wraps/pipes to 21, which seems really messed up
    And every year that goes by the media tries to discourage alcohol use by spreading these insane 'facts' about it. 
    As well as cannabis, now that its legal in 2 states (i am fine with 21 for cannabis) the media makes it seem like it's going to to be the end of the country and that you WILL DIE from taking 1 hit.
    Does anybody else get bothered by seeing this sort of thing as well? What are some things that one could do to fight all the nonsense going on?

  2. lol spreading insane facts about alcohol?
  3. I haven't heard of anyone giving alcohol a bad rep, at least not here.

    Raising age for wraps/pipes? That's questionable, but technically shouldn't be done because those "tobacco" papers/pipes should be used for "tobacco", and if you can buy 'baccy at 18, why raise the age to 21 to buy accessories?
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    Well, I've seen the law changes, they're just trying to prevent kids from being able to buy the stuff. Silly but is understandable. I've never heard any crazy facts about alcohol, only true ones. I've seen lots of adds showing that alcohol causes so many deaths per year as opposed to marijuana which causes 0.. So I don't know where your seeing one hit kills you, except maybe from a crazy weed skeptic.. :/
  5. Most of the states are also raising the age to buy tobacco to 21.
  6. I had no idea! Probably because I live in the southern USA, where the tobacco industry is still HUGE. I would be thoroughly surprised to see them raise it to 21 here.
  7. I'm from jersey so you know, a lot of that crazy starts over here and in NY. They've been talking about it here for some time now and putting tons of smoking bans on.
  8. as an ex-alcoholic i can say first hand that alcohol is a terrible fuckin thing.
    as for the tobacco age it wouldn't really effect me since im over 21. i think it is a good thing though, tobacco is horrible for you compared to marijuana. and i really haven't seen any demonization of weed lately. if anything we're making more strides towards it becoming legal.
  9. Ex-alcoholic, good for you, keep it that way! Alcohol is way to dangerous as opposed to weed. Cigarettes also, they're disgusting! I don't care about any of the laws, I don't drink or smoke that crap & I'm over 21.

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