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Anyone else notice this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tree420, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Does anyone else notice that wild things always seem to happen when youre high that wouldn't happen normally? Like I had this random guy approach me and tell me to call a number on a phone he handed me and tell someone they left their phone at a shop. Weird. But u get the point. Weird shit goes down after the session. Your stories?
  2. Haha yepp. Walked into Kroger with all my buds one time and some guy came up and said "If you boys keep smoking all that weed youre going to eat out the whole store" or something along those lines :smoking:
  3. yessssir. The other day, I was with two friends, and I went into the gas station to buy some cigs and The guy asks for my id. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my FRIEND'S wallet. Mine was nowhere to be found.

    Now that I look back soberly, My wallet was never with me, I had left it at home that morning, but we still have no clue how his wallet got in my pocket......creeeepy? or stoney? you make the call, that shit tripped me out. haha
  4. My bud and I toked up, went to Taco Bell and it was closed. That's wild.
  5. I wasn't high but...

    I was leaving my house on my street to talk to my dealers and then this car drives by with some drunk kids and they offer me a ride to a place that has "fire" turns out they go to my dealer lol and it's the same shit as usual (decent mids, not fire). I got a car ride and I smoked a bowl with them for it... Didn't mind tho, otherwise it would have been a long ass walk. Fuckin gas money is a bitch.
  6. My eyes got red once. Sometimes I develop a voracious appetite.
  7. You sir, are stupid.

    1. you hopped into a motorized vehicle with DRUNK people

    2. you hopped into a car with people supposedly going to purchase an illegal drug

    3. you weren't high

    Did you know these kids?? i guess it would make it a bit different. If not, thats sketchy as heeeellllll
  8. Woah... I don't think that Taco Bell has left me hanging like that ever. Seems like it's always open when I need it. I love that open late drive through window. They close at 1 though dont they?
  9. i was pretty stoned and on the way home from a very long session at a friends house when i was stopped by a stop light. as i was sitting there, the light turned off for about 10 seconds and then turned back on before turning green and letting me continue on my way. tripped me the fuck out.
  10. Yeahh, crazy thing is, it was only 11.
  11. There is nothing more irresponsible or helpless then a man who cant have his taco bell.
  12. I have a genuinely wild story. A few, actually.

    First story:
    My friend and I used to blaze each and every day last summer. and we didn't just toke a couple hits, we got fucking blitzed every single night. i'm talking 5, 6, 7 even 8 bowls to the face one after another--and this is when we'd just recently started smoking.

    anyway, we had a tradition: we'd blaze in the garage with the garage door open (it was sort of our hangout, not a used garage), then go upstairs to his kitchen, get food, and sit down at his dining room table to eat it. we did this pretty much without fail every single night.

    anyway, this particular night, i got a bowl of cereal and he was in the kitchen, making some food in the oven. we were both high out of our minds--it was a little bit ridiculous. anyway, we were both sort of rambling on, half talking to the other, but completely ignoring each other. our conversations were about completely different subjects, and we couldn't clearly hear each other (we were being quiet so as not to wake his family).

    then, suddenly, unrelated to what EITHER of us were saying, we both shut up and said, very loudly, "WAND." Yeah. Like the thing harry potter uses. wand. we paused and looked at each other.
    "Did you... just say wand?" I asked him.
    "Yeah... what the hell man, did you?"
    "Yeah... what the fuck, man? That's so random. It had nothing to do with my conversation, like, at all man."
    "Dude me neither."

    To this day we still talk about "The Night We Said Wand." Weird shit, still unexplained. I think we got so high that we started to become psychic.

    Anyway, here's the second story:

    We did our usual routine (as described in the prior story), and we sit down at the dining room table and eat food. suddenly and without warning there is an earsplitting scream, followed by the slamming of a car door. now, my friend's house is not in an urban area--it's in a quiet, upper class neighborhood and screaming late at night (it was about 2am) was COMPLETELY strange. we looked outside his front door (it has sort of semi-transparent glass designs. like stained glass without the color sort of), and we saw a car sitting there, with it's lights on. we couldn't decide what to do--the scream had sounded PETRIFIED. we considered calling 911: we reasoned that even though we were both blitzed, it was better to explain to a cop that we smoked weed and heard a scream than let a murder (or whatever was going on) take place with us listening, but not doing anything because we were stoned.

    after about ten minutes, we decided to go out side and check the scene (and the sketchy car that was STILL there). we go outside, scared shitless and holding "weapons" (i think we had like a golf club or something), and as soon as we go a few feet the car rockets away. now we're freaked out. we say we're going to go look at the street, and if there's any sign of a struggle, call the police.

    well, we walk out into the street and this time hear a seemingly happy yell from our buddy's house who lives next door. so, we walk on over and see... a party. a wild, drunken, girls-everywhere party. at this point, we are thoroughly confused, but our friend comes up and says he called/texted us like a thousand times and where the fuck have we been? well, we'd left our phones in my car after swimming earlier, then got to my friend's house and blazed, and missed all the calls/texts. we enjoyed the party and upon getting back to my car, saw all of the missed calls and stuff. but for awhile there, we were freaked out.

    i am sure i can think of some others, but it's 12:46pm my time (yes! afternoon!) and i am STILL awake from yesterday. of course, yesterday did start for me at 7:08pm when i rolled out of bed... *shrug*
  13. Bug off, there are so many variables that I never included, who're you to judge me?
    1. Drunk or not, it's not hard to go less than a half a mile.
    2. They were purchasing an illegal drug and so was I, what's the deal? Do you have a ji-had against purchasing illegal drugs?
    3. Another assumption, I was high, I had just finished my last bit, hence going to get more, I like to walk when I'm high.
  14. yea, dont hate on my thread haha
  15. when me and my friends were high were chillen at a bench downtown and this drunky from conecicut starts gettin in out faces for some weed RANDOMLYYYY like weve never seen him
    and hes never seen us do nething that would bring weed to his mind.

    so hes obviously fucked up on sumthin and he ends up gettin hostile. so i got my knife in my hand when he slugs this guy dave, dave then fucks this crachhead up and cuts his head open, then he hits our hippy friend will. which pisses me off so i scream at him while everyone else is lil pussys.

    so in a blazed state im dodgin punches like a fightnight pro.
    and then the cops come
    tajkes 8 of them to take him down.
    find out later hes on cristalmethh

    ma story.
  16. Strange things always happen when you're high.
    I got blazed out of my mind alot in college, and after a particularly dank session, my then-gf told me she was into bdsm :eek:
  17. yesterday i was fishing at this jetty here in cali, just toked with my buddy, and we decide to cross the street to the other jetty. as we look down the road to see cars coming, this one black suv X5 ( bmw) goes 45 into the back of an RV parked on the side of the road ( there is plenty of space, the bmw was a retard).

    so after witnessing this, we are just standing there, middle of the road, watching this accident. within 30 seconds everyone in the rv was out and helping the person, the lifeguard tower saw it and they were on the scene, but the firefighters did use the " jaws of life" to cut the passenger fron part, where the window and windshield connect. the lady that drove was okay, passenger, broken nose, leg, and bloody head.

    what did we do after this? sat right back down, and smoked some more.. it was pretty wild.

    oh yeah, then we caught a 36 inch halibut, 10 lb, it tasted goooooodd..
  18. #18 elevatedgaze, Aug 19, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 19, 2008

    relax man, I was just giving you a hard time. My apologies, I should have made my post a little more light-hearted. Blaze on :smoking:

    It was mainly a joke, But I kind of forget on what basis I planted the joke in the first place?
  19. me and my good friend were dry for almost a week and the day we picked some up and we were smoking at the crib some random guy knocked on the door asking if someone named whoopie something was there , i dont remember the last name he said but he was smiling the whole time, he probably knew we were high
  20. me and my friends got stoned and walked to a taco bell and it was closed but the drive through was open so we had to order through the window. and the guy screwed up out order completely.

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