Anyone else notice the tax rate went up??

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  1. Got my pay checks last week and this week and wow. These dirty bastards are taking more out, and I bet people like Donald Trump won't pay a penny more. It's ridiculous....
  2. It's January

    This is routine

  3. It's from the expiration of the social security portion of the Bush tax cuts. Doesn't really have anything to do with it being January. It effects everyone, but it will impact lower income people the most. It's actually a regressive tax increase.
  4. Payroll taxes went back to 6.2% from 4.2%.
  5. Yeah, some will say you cant complain because its back to how it was before.

    Its basically my tax returns vanished.
  6. Yeah they raised taxes on everyone, good thing the big corporations got millions and billions in loop holes though. It's the only way they would approve their taxes getting increased, hell I would have approved a tax increase on myself too if I knew I was going to be getting 6 billion dollars out of it.

    But it doesn't matter, they can do whatever they want to taxes, it's not going to change our debt problem, we will never be able to pay our debt back, it's just going to get worse and worse for us here on the bottom. Maybe when everyone is homeless or jobless and the middleclass is completely wiped out people will start to get angry about what's going on, but right now we don't understand or don't want to.
  7. Corporations don't need loopholes to avoid this increase because it doesn't effect any corporations in the first place. It's a tax on individuals only.
  8. That's the problem with with country. Everyone's caught up in there own stupid reality and we don't stand united. Look at occupy movement. I had so much respect for those people who actually got up and protest, risking getting beat or sprayed with tear gas. Americans like war but won't stand up and fight right here at home. Shit needs to change or this country will go broke. How long do these billion dollar companies think they can milk the American citizen before our cow dries up...
  9. LOL.

    Bush applies tax cuts for almost everyone. Left hates it, claims too many breaks for "the rich."
    Obama continues tax cuts. Left blames Bush, and still claim too many breaks for "the rich."
    Obama lets cuts expire. It's still Bush's fault. And there is still claim of too many breaks for "the rich."
    Until "the rich" become "the poor", everything financial will be their fault. Government overspending has nothing to do with it.
  10. what do you mean by milking the american citizen?

    how are we getting milked by corps? I think prices for goods in the US are very comparable if not cheaper than the rest of the world.

    maybe i misunderstand what you are saying..

    Personally i don't feel milked by anyone. I buy what i can afford and don't buy what i can't afford..

    most folks who are broke milked themselves by living on credit and buying things they can't afford.

    again.. i might have completely misunderstood your point and went on a ramble for no reason at all.. :p
  11. Lol I mean it in an economical way. We buy products from china because there cheaper on our wallets, not realizing it's taking from our own wallets in the long run. When the Florida Marlins wanted a new stadium, they used 2/3 of the tax payers money to build it. This is my point, the working class is what powers this country, sure the rich employ us, but without us, there's no them. The average working American is who pays for the roads, schools etc.

  12. The Bush tax cuts should be labeled as being for the poor if anything. The greatest cut occurred in the lowest tax bracket.
  13. tax policies changing effective January is what I'm getting at.

    and the fact that middle class people are getting screwed is pretty much routine if you ask me
  14. If you guys want socialized health care, of course your taxes are going to go up.

  15. which people already knew about before they got there tax returns

    i guess you never payed attention to the fiscal cliff solution

    oh and we never solved the debt ceiling.which is basically worse then the fiscal cliff
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    The payroll tax we're talking about is for social security.

    What does this have to do with the tax returns?

  17. I will give you one of the most basic fundamental rights we used to have, that thanks to corporations we no longer have. Our right to food. Way back when a lot of us (20% of the population) were farmers, if we wanted to grow, we bought seed and started a farm. If we wanted pigs we would buy a sow and raise pigs. It was easy if you wanted "free food" and had the land to do it on.

    So in between now and then big agriculture businesses came in. Mass producing crops and out selling farmers, giving their produce to grocery stores much cheaper than local farmers. So the farmers had to adapt or get out, most had to leave, and the farmers we have today are still stuck doing what they have to to stay in business.

    Skip ahead to this day and age. We all rely on the grocery stores to provide food, processed foods are owned by very few companies as it is, but the real interesting part is our "fresh" fruits, veggies, and meats. Our produce doesn't come from a small farm like it used to, we grow it in big mono crop fields. Monsanto has genetically modified all of their plants so that the seed of them can not be used for next grow season, meaning the farmer must buy seeds from Monsanto every single year to stay in business, instead of saving seeds like we've done for thousands of years. Not only this but mono crops mean more pests, because if you're a locust that likes corn, what a better place to be with your family than acres and acres of it! So we need pesticides which farmers need gas masks and gloves to handle, if they need that then how do we expect that it's good for us, it's already proven to be cancerous. To top it off we also need to fertilize these crops because soil can't be fertile for the same crop year after year after year, and thanks to Monsanto they have made it so you can only use a Monsanto fertilizer! Ain't fucking with nature great?

    So what happened in short, our small farmers had to stop growing, enabling a monopoly over agriculture when our technology advanced. The farmers today have to buy seeds every year, buy pesticide, buy fertilizer, pay fees, and get payed less than half the retail cost of their crop. They stay alive because the government subsidizes them, it gives them money so they can keep providing for us. We actually import almost all of our food, our crops are almost all for feeding our ever expanding need for livestock or high fructose corn syrup added in almost every processed food. The crops we ship overseas are grown by Monsanto as well, and with all the costs it impoverishes farmers in 3rd world countries. And you can look it up a lot of countries have recently banned Monsanto and their GMO crops.

    So now me and you and almost all of us are heavily relying on Monsanto and processed food corporations for food, something we used to grow ourselves. What happens to natural farmers? They are subject to strict regulations enacted by government that are enforced harshly on them but not on the corporations. They are forced to spend hours doing paperwork to be "USDA organic" which costs them a lot of time which they could be using to farm and sell product, unless they want to make more expense and employ someone. And god forbid you raise milk cows you will be raided on suspicion of selling raw milk, which is the 2nd most highest raided crop, right behind marijuana.

    the Organic Review: Bill Presented to House Ag. Committee; Requires Fee for Saving Seeds | Spread Liberty News

    ^ you can't even save GM seeds (some can be regrown, the GM is for the fertilizer) anymore. Thousands of years of farming and seed saving stopped by one corporation.

    Corporations eat us alive, you can't even be a farmer now without a corporation attacking you. Walmart eats small towns to bits, everything falls apart because they can't compete with the low prices they get from Monsanto GM crops and Chinese imports. US products are more expensive, because China and India keep their currencies low against the dollar (although China now wants, and can easily, raise the value of their currency causing all sorts of other problems for us).

    This is just a small portion of it too, but one I think is the most sinister. Screwing up nature for the sake of monopolizing a sector and making profit, something that people need to survive. This isn't even covering the billions corporations got in bailouts even though they had their taxes "raised". Read up on Idol No More and what's going on in Canada, that is some REALLY evil shit, and the corporations behind it our in the US too. They rule the world, they honestly do, I would go deeper with you but I don't want to ramble. I usually do when I'm high. The corporations (and ultimately our lifestyle) destroy countries, cause poverty across the globe, created pollution beyond anything ever seen, cause suicides and starvation, and kill endless amounts of people and children. Not just in the name of war, this one corporation Monsanto has millions of people's blood on it's hands, and it isn't a military corporation.

    Open your eyes a bit, the people in debt is almost everyone now. From the idiots who refused to give up their middle class lifestyle when they couldn't afford it anymore, to the college kids 50,000 bucks in debt and no job earning enough to pay for living expenses, bills, college bills and interest. All the way to the poor souls that are still struggling thanks to the housing bubble bursting. Dear, almost everyone is in debt now, corporations are now having a hard time because people do what you do, we live within our means, and most use any extra income to pay their debt. They have bled us so dry by monopolizing the market and thereby controlling our livelihoods, that soon nobody will be able to buy anything. We can't open new businesses because nobody can compete, there is no room for improvement or sustainability because corporations crush everything that could ruin profits, you should at least know as a MJ smoker that cars can run off hemp oil. That's proof that profit is greater than sustainability. If it isn't scarce or hard to obtain it isn't profitable, it's sad because we could almost be completely self sustainable by now if they would just get out of the way.
  18. [ame=]Where is Your Line in The Sand? - YouTube[/ame]

  19. how is this a problem created by corporations and not by corrupt government?
  20. If it isn't already obvious, the corporations and government have been in bed for awhile now. They're like a couple of "fucking cousins." Whatever one is to blame for you can bet the other had a hand in it as well. Half our country swings on the government tit and the other half swings on corporate cock hairs. The truth is both are pretty worthless and corrupt.

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