anyone else not dream when they smoke

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  1. Ok so i know you always dream... but i dont count it as dreaming if you dont remember it. but i realize that when i dont smoke i start dreaming again. now i dont smoke much, especially comapred to most on here i can easilgo weeks/month or 2 w/o smoking. but i have realized that when i do smoke, i dont dream... i looked into it and im not the only one. seems to be mainly if u smoke within 4 hours or so before sleep which is when i always perfer to smoke.

    Anyways anyone else realize this.. i havent smoked in about 3 weeks and ive been haveing vivid dreams most the times i sleep now. even most where i can actually control parts of them again...

    i really love dreams so i see that as the only negaaative of me smokeing weed. anyone else have any thoughts/
  2. Maybe you just get to high and forget what's science!:smoking:
  3. well yea i understand that. but i never really realized i stopped dreaming from smoking until recently... just something i noticed as a negative. i had 2 of the most vivid dreams i can remember in the last 24 hours and loved em! though obviously ill still smoke lol not gonna stop my occasional smoking cause of a few dreams
  4. Yeah, actually, I've noticed this too. Or rather, I'll dream, and I'll be having FUCKED UP BIZARRE dreams and I'll just be tripping out, and all I'll remember is that they were fucked up and I was tripping out.
  5. I think it's because you smoke that you don't remember your dreams, but still have them. I think it's like every person has 7 dreams a night; it's just some people don't remember them. It's kind of the same concept. When you smoke weed daily, your memory grows dim, so you don't remember any dreams even though you still have them.
  6. Weed does effect your dream recall.
    You still dream and if I can recall your dreams are much more vivid when high.
    However, since your short term memory is usually so fucked it's hard to remember if you had any dreams.

    Try keeping a dream journal and writing everything down after you wake up.
  7. I never really remember my dreams but last week my boy had some sour that he had picked up. We smoked a 1.6 gram blunt, played smash brothers for a while then passed out. I was dreaming that I was asleep and I saw a fire in my room next to my bed. So I jump out of bed like oh shit. I pull my desk away from the wall, pulled out my plug in air freshener threw it across the room and start yelling FIRE!!! all the while my girlfriend just keeps telling me theres absolutely not a fire. I couldn't tell if I was still dreaming or if it was real and I absolutely remember seeing smoke.
  8. Yeah... I'd say you had some PCP laced buds if I didn't know any better. >.>
  9. I haven't noticed this at all, but lately I'm kind of wishing I had.

    My last few dreams while smoking right before bed have not really been all that enjoyable.
  10. opposite to me. if i have been smoking before i go to bed im more likley to remmeber my dreams.
  11. i never have dreams when i smoke.
    i remember every detail of my dreams when i don't smoke though.
  12. hahaha my dealer one time sold me some shit and that night i had a dream about zombies and i was able to make people turn back into zombies but i killed a lot of people and in the end got laid cause i turned hot girls back to normal and it was a crazy ass dream

    my dealer calls me the next day and hes like "yo i just had some fucking freaky ass dreams last night"
    so for the next few days that i was getting that shit i was having some dope ass dreams because of it

    other then that i ahve dreams like on and off but i dont usually rememer the details
  13. I know what you mean, dude. I honestly haven't had a dream in over a year, and I think that my smoking is affecting it. It's kind of creepy....:eek:
  14. I found this a few days ago stumbling around. It is a very interesting article.
  15. Opposite for me, when I toke up and go to sleep, I dream crazy, lucid, memorable dreams.
  16. Happens to me too. I'm on a t-break now and i've been having really vivid dreams. But whenever I go to sleep high, I never dream, and I always wake up groggy.
  17. THC represses REM sleep. So after you go without smoking and the levels are leaving your body, your body compensates and you have a longer than usual REM cycle and you're more likely to have vivid dreams. As well, memory is obviously a big part of remembering your dreams, so because THC inhibits your memory skills while you're using it, you get double the effect when you stop.
  18. I can never remember anything that I had dreamed when I went to sleep sober. Whenever I go to bed after having smoked at some point in the night, I always remember a dream or two.

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