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Anyone else never get the munchies.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GeorgeW Kush, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I've been smoking for a few years now (all dank) and I personally have never gotten the munchies ever. I think its an overrated aspect of smoking and I think some people blow it out of proportion.

    Anyone else feel this way?
  2. When I first started smoking I got the munchies every single time no matter what.

    Now that I've been smoking for a while I can control my hunger better and I really don't even think about food when I'm high now.
  3. When I first started blazing, I got mad munchies. But after I built up a tolerance, the munchies disappeared.
  4. when i get stoned, i don't get the munchies unless i start eating. once i take that first bite, my appetite becomes insatiable. but if i don't start eating, i won't feel the urge to. not sure if that makes much sense; i'm high. :smoke:
  5. I get the munchies, but its usually a couple hours after I blaze.
  6. I still get the munchies every time even after 4 years of smoking. I always make sure I have a couple scoops of ice cream every night.
  7. i get the munchies sometimes but if i do munch out its usually followed by me burnin out hard
  8. I don't get the munchies unless I take a bit. I don't think about food when I'm high..
  9. No, every single time i've smoked marijuana i have been hungry. I'm sorry i can't relate to you.
  10. I used to get it when i first started toking. Now days i dont really get the munchies, but food still tastes great when im high.
  11. i used to all the time when i first started smoking.

    it toned down a lot over the years so i dont get munchies anymore, tho part of the reason could be because i love eating before i get stoned. nothing like a meal, a bowl, and a cigg to be honest xD
  12. Yep I totally get the munchies nom nom nom toasted cheese mmmmmmmmm :)

  13. no, the munchies are all too real my friend...i remember when i first started smoking 5 years ago that i would get the munchies ridiculously was like my stomach was a never ending pit that could never be filled....i cant believe how much i would eat and it wouldn't stop being good! now i dont get them even near as badly but i still do get the munchies at night sometimes when im smoking.
  14. That's (one) of my many favorite parts about smoking. :smoking:
  15. same here. i never get the munchies anymore. i'm usually too exhausted by the end of my high
  16. stayhungry knows how to live it up

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