Anyone else love zombies?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by DaleGribble, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. I sure do. My favorite flicks are:

    Night of the Living Dead
    Dawn of the Dead
    Shaun of the Dead
    28 Days/Weeks Later
    I Am Legend
    Boy Eats Girl
    Day of the Dead

    Quarantine just came out and I have to say that it is legitimately an amazing movie, even by zombie standards.
  2. zombies movies are just magical
    i loved Planet Terror and Shaun of Dead
    the Resident Evil movies were pretty good
    i just watched the original black and white Night of the Living Dead
    it was awesome
  3. i love zombies, i want to get a sick zombie tat
  4. I wish there would be a small zombie outbreak every once and a while. It would be almost fun to see what kind of stuff we could come up with
  5. I hope that World War Z movie is gonna be bangin'
  6. i fucking love zombie movies,
  7. all those movies you listed are the best. zombie movies represent. where i live they have this thing called zombie day. everyone dresses like zombies and wanders around campus, awesome. last thime they went into a classroom and started flipping over desks haha
  8. Hell yeah man , ever since I watched the remake of night of the living dead when I was 11 I've been hooked . The evil dead series are my all time favorites , even though they're not your typical zombie movies ... Bruce Cambell is the shit !

    Also , I am really into the whole resident evil video game series . Resident Evil 5 will be out on March 13th , I cannot wait for that game to arrive :hello:.

  9. That would be so great .
  10. I like turtles.
  11. fucking up zombies once in a while would definitely be the best thing ever, i already told my friends if zombies happened and they got bitten i would shoot them in the face before they turned
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    Go watch Day of the dead if you haven't seen it. I also love zombie movies and thought i had seen them all, then this was on TV.. It was pretty badass a zombie ate his own eye YUM
    -edit oh dale has it on the list, didnt notice. I am legend was awesome too, because it was totally different, not your average gorefest
  13. I think that I am legend was based on mutants rather than zombies.
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    vampires actually

    edit: Plot

    I Am Legend is the story of Robert Neville, apparently the sole survivor of a viral pandemic apocalypse, the symptoms of which resemble vampirism.
  15. THis is true. But there is a lot of variance between zombies, and many traditional zombies only come out at night. But they are in some ways like Vampires but he can't stop them with garlic or a steak or any of that, so in fact they are more like zombies in their behavior.

    I really liked Romero's stuff.

    Anyone seen Quarantine?

    BTW, I have a collection of 30 some Zombie movies. You name it, I've probably seen it at least once.
  16. i love zombie flicks.. dead alive has got to be one of the bloodiest movies ever. and dawn of the dead actually almost freaked me out
  17. Dead alive is a great zombie flick along with REC , the livng dead series and the classic zombie. I have a zombies survival guide incase a real outbreak happens anytime.
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    Indie-zombie gem, I know it's a rarity these days but I can say with confidence that it's genuinely worth your time:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Dance of the Dead Trailer[/ame]

    Enjoyed this f a r more than any recent zombie-film sans 28 DAYS Later. And yes, I've seen all the recent George Romero cra..err, films, '28 Months' and [Rec].

    And for those who *gasp* still read:

  19. i love how there is always that one dude thats not scared at all and as soon as the zombies come hes ready to fuck shit up
  20. Ive read World War Z as well as Max Brooks Survival Guide (i own both).

    Dead Alive is a good movie, but those are hardly zombies by the end. That being said, Peter Jackson did a great job wiht the gore in that movie... to say the least....

    [REC] is the movie Quarantine was based on. I thought it was in a different language?

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