Anyone else love The Gorillaz?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by MajinX, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. While I'm not a fan at all of hip hop/rap, the sparing use of rap style stuff and great beats in their tunes are awesome. Their tunes also have so many different styles on a single CD, it's awesome.

    Some favourites: Clint Eastwood, Kids with Guns, Dare, Every planet we reach is dead..
  2. I Dont love them, but theyre good to listen too...
  3. im not sure about the new one, but the old self titled on was good. i rele like clint eastwood. not in love with the band, but yea theyre fine. i learned the other day that the lead gorilla singer/creator is the guy was the singer for blur. remeber that song? it was called song 2...he was just sitting at his computer one day and made this cool cartoon and decided to make a project out of it
  4. i didnt get to into their older stuff, but demon days is amazing, danger mouse knows how to make some ill beats.
  5. excellent group
  6. i love tomorrow comes today and 5/4.. demon days is OK
  7. pretty fire shit
  8. i like the first one better (dan the automator is my fav producer) but the second one is amazing (danger mouse is good too) my favorite rapper (del the funky homosapien) is the rapper in clint eastwood, hes in a few other songs too.

    dan the automator does other stuff also, deltron 3030, dr octagon, handsome boy modeling school.
  9. i really did not like them at first....but they seem to be growing on me
  10. Can someone explain to me why they're so popular? They sound terrible, and they have no flow. The beginning of their extremely popular song is a guy laughing...gross.
  11. yeh I like some of the gorillaz stuff

    Im not happy, but im feeling glad... I got sunshine... in a bag, etc etc that ones good

    (lol I prolly messed the words up)
  12. I think Gorillaz is awesome, but I always like their popular songs much less (Clint Eastwood, Feel Good Inc. they're good, but dont compare with the other stuff IMO). The popular songs are always the poppy ones, and I fucking hate pop music with a passion god damnit@@!#@#!!$$#

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