anyone else love taking naps?

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    usually when i get home from school i take a nap for an hour or two. i enjoy taking a little break from the day. :) its just relaxing after a long morning of tests and college work. how many of you blades enjoy the mid day doze?
  2. Loooove naps. My room is super dark (I call it the cozy cave, harhar) so it's perfect for sleeping any time of the day.

    Lately I've been napping pretty much every day from about 5ish until 6..wake up, watch two episodes of Trailer Park Boys then continue doing work, reading, etc. !
  3. Fuck yea! Naps!!
  4. Lol I need to nap I get so exhausted from college classes and work. I rely on them to survive after late night drug usage.
  5. hell yeah I love naps its such an energy boost when you wake up
  6. Naps are the shit. I usually end up sleeping wayy too long though, and wake up feeling weird and disoriented like "What day is it?"
  7. this too. once i wake up i feel brandd new :hello:
  8. napping is like my profession, man. I could nap fo sooo long, you could call it sleeping! :smoking:
  9. Just took a 2 hour nap since I only slept 3 hours this morning. It was wonderful and I had amazing vivid dreams.
  10. I literally haven't taken a nap since I was 5. I'm 19 now. I should give it a try haha.

  11. Really?? Why not? Don't you ever just wanna crawl into your comfy bed and drift off for an hour or two? :)
  12. I've been taking 2 hour naps lately. Usually from 5-7. It's kinda nice.
  13. I never feel good when I wake up from a nap, I just feel even lazier than before
  14. QTF,i always feel groggy and that the rest of the day is shot after waking up for naps, cause im just tired and just wanna lay around untill its time to actually sleeeeep.

    I LOVE sleeeeeeeeping but i dislike naps

  15. Yeah, but my Dad had/has a weak stomach and couldn't drink coffee. So we ALWAYS had/have caffeine pills and if I was tired I'd just take one. Sure didn't stunt my growth, I'm 6'3.
  16. I used to nap everyday in English class... Seems a little ironic that I'm now in school to be an English major..
  17. youre asking on a weed forum if people like naps?

  18. eh, im not really a fan. It just seems like I wasted a part of my day and as other people have said i wake up tired and groggy with drool on my face.
  19. I have crazy lucid dreams during my naps, and I always remember them perfectly...

    So it's cool to nap every few days; too often though and I do feel like a lazy bum.

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