Anyone else love dark/rainy days?

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  1. I'm not really a sunny type of day person but when I look outside in the morning and it's nice and dark out with just a bit of light I absolutely love it! Throw in some spitting rain I get this warm feeling and my ass is outside for most of the day. When it's sunny I don't really "feel it" it seems mediocre and doesn't excite me and I usually don't go outside very long. Some of you guys must feel the same way no?
  2. It rains just a little too much here in Portland but I know what you mean
  3. I'm one of the few people I know that's says 'FUUUUUUCK YES!!!!!' When it rains like crazy.
    i lived in oregon for almost 10 years. coastal small town.
    it rains 90% of the year. every year. haha.
  5. I love days when its lightly raining because it makes drifting easier haha, but too much means mud and I ain't down with that.
  6. This year we got about 5 days of rain (southern ca), not really but very little rain :(
  7. Grew up in Southern Cali, and as a adult only lived in Oregon, and Washington.
    I hate the rain so much... there is just too much of it up here. After a while just brings me down. Once in a while a nice fresh rain is cool but not for months on end.
  8. Being in the South I love to sit on the porch and smoke to a summer afternoon thunderstorm.
  9. Rain days are the best!  I can't imagine 300 days of rain a year, but I would love to try it. 
  10. It's been rainy and dark the past few days here. I really do like that kind of weather. Before it started raining on Sunday it hadn't rained in 2 weeks or so. So it was really nice to get some water falling out of the sky. Monday night it was hailing for about 30 min, which was pretty cool also. It was just small hail so no damage to vehicles or homes and whatnot. So yes, I love rainy days, especially when a violent storm erupts.
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    loved it in 2009 when atlanta got flooded 
    sat around and watched it rain and rain and rain and rain.... :)
  12. I like it when it rains for the simple fact there are far less people outside to deal with. Rainy days have their place but for the most part I like blue skies and sunshine. 
    It's a beautiful and sunny today in Milwaukee - leaves are changing colors and falling off the trees, I can feel a nice breeze coming off Lake Michigan too - perfect. Sometimes I think a nice Fall day beats a nice Summer day - weather isn't too hot or too cold, it's just right. 
  13. Absolutely. Gloomy rainy days with low temperatures are my favorite. Unfortunately I live somewhere where that doesn't happen nearly enough. :/
  14. i love the rain.and we seriously need it here.
  15. Yes, there is something nighmarish about a tornando siren going off. Then the sky grows black, and the wind builds up as does the lighting and hail. I love it on video but irl i am greatful i live in California.
  16. You should live in the Seattle area, you'd be thrilled :)
    I used to love it, too. But then I moved here. And blaaaah.. Is it spring yet?

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  17. We get those once or twice a year in LA. It pours for 5 minutes and the thrill is gone!
  18. wish it was one of those days, but alas it's hot and bright as fuck outside.
  19. Yeah, they don't have sirens for earthquakes... adds a little surprise into your life doesn't it.
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    I love rainy days. Thunderstorms most of all.

    I go out and smoke on my porch during storms. All my neighbors go inside I can just watch the rain flood my yard.

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