Anyone Else LOVE Anchovies?

Discussion in 'General' started by PassTheGrass, May 27, 2012.

  1. I know a lot of people absolutely hate them. But I freaking love them. I can just eat them plain, by themselves, on pizza, caesar salads, etc. I love them. They are just so salty and the crunchy soft bones with the fish have the best texture. I just love them. I am so high, right now, I just ate a whole can of them straight up. :D my one dog absolutely loves them too, the other one won't even touch them. I'm pretty sure people either love anchovies or despise them. I don't think there is middle ground.
  2. And they are a source of Omega 3, which you really, really need in your diet! The salt level is too high, but drinking a little extra water takes care of that.

    LOVED them as a kid! Pizza wasn't pizza without them!

  3. Ppppuuuukkkkkeeeeeeee
  4. Hell nah they aren't my thing at all lol. I like lettuce.
  5. Why are you trying to ruin my pizza with stinky fish?


    If you like em more power to you, but they have no business near my taste buds or food.
  6. We are the minority

  7. Not my thing at all, I hate eating fish and meat.
  8. I don't LOVE them.

    But a few in a salad or on a pizza is freakin delicious
  9. I don't really like them but I love pickles with parmesan cheese
  10. I like tuna.
  11. This brings back fond, old memories.. believe it or not, I liked them (anchovies) so much as a young kid, that my grandmother used to wrap a tin and put them in my Christmas gift baskets each year, along with all the candy and other goodies! :eek:
  12. 4 a long time I thought they were freakishly then I tried um in hotsauce
    holy shit!! *bows head* Thank u jebus for these delicious chovies..amen =D
  13. Yea anchovies are nice man. But a whole can of 'em? jesus chris.

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