Anyone else loathe their dad?

Discussion in 'General' started by simmer, Oct 4, 2010.

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  1. I can not wait until there is an apropriate time and place for me to give my old man the middle finger and tell him "Right here buddy!" :cool:
  2. Nope, I feel bad for him because he's still gotta deal with me on a daily basis.
  3. man i hate mine too, but seriously he brought you into this fucking world...with out him you would have never even existed. He may be a pain, and you still dont even have to like him, just atleast show a bit of respect.

  4. :cool:
  5. I love my dad. :)
  6. It's impossible for me to respect someone who is so pretentious, assumptious, close-minded (not about race or anything, it's just incredibly hard to reason with him), he doesn't know the meaning of a dollar and above all he is selfish and materialistic.

    He's not the worst dad in the world but that's becuase he actually does love us and isn't abusive. I think that's the only thing he ha going for him as a parent.

    I guess he has one thing going for him, as much as he hates weed he hasn't even said one thing to me about it since he found out.. I guess that one little bit of pseudo tolerance is what he has going for him.
  7. I would always say "I'll hate my dad no matter what!" because of how much of a dick he can be, and I still really don't like him. But I'm 18 and still in his house, getting everything for free, so complaining would actually be pretty dick on my part :(.
  8. You guys are gonna feel like assholes when your dads die.
  9. Yes. He is an asshole.
  10. That's exactly what I was about to type. My dad killed himself when I was just a baby. I never knew him. You guys should feel lucky. But people take shit for granted. Ha.
  11. can't loathe someone you never met
  12. Mine died suddenly, right in front of me in the front yard on Xmas eve.
  13. dont rly care tbh
  14. I'm really good at placing myself in other's shoes and I can boldly say that when my father dies, No one except his coworkers will miss him.

    I feel lucky to have my dad's paycheck to support my family but other than that he's done bull.Shit. It's more like an irritable stranger lives in this house than a father.
  15. Hate my Father? Hell no, I miss him each and every day of my life. See he died when I was 16 in 1988. At the time we weren't getting along very well either, since well, I was 16. But not a DAY goes by that I don't miss him and wish he was still here.

    So take a break from hating your parents for a little while, and try some fucking understanding. Being a parent is not easy, not that you little shits would know.

    Users make me sick here sometimes.
  16. God damn rep always gets fucked up by the enter key.

    OP, you couldn't sound more like a selfish ungrateful son who takes his dad for granted. As you've said, he supplies money, and isn't abusive. Sounds to me like hes not that bad of a guy. Don't like his rules and attitude then move out, but to say you hate him is childish and stupid.
  17. I do too, he's one of my best friends even though we don't always get a long.

    I want to be like him when I'm his age.
  18. No, he may piss me off but he raised me.
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    I guess you've never met the man. My mom hates him, he's ruined her life. She plans to commit suicide because of it as soon as my little sister is out on her own. I love my mother with all my heart and I'm doing all I can to help her not turn to suicide as her last resort.

    If ANY man makes my mother want to kill herself, then I do believe he warrants at least a little bit of hate. You don't know the whole story sir, which makes you presumptious.

    Edit: Ok I guess it went through.... I sent the rest of the story to you anyway, man. Hope now you won't see me as so childish, although I do tend to portray things jokingly.
  20. Try a little understanding? I may not be humble by any means but I am understanding/empathetic/sympathetic.

    My dad constantly tortures my mom financially and our family is on the brink of financial ruin.

    I really wish people would try to gather all the facts without assuming that I just hate my dad because of his lousy attitude. There's more to it than that.:mad:
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