Anyone else live in a town full of haters??

Discussion in 'General' started by ForceFeed, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. I swear in my town thats all theres is..When 20's werent in style yet i had D's on my whip and they got stolen, then i candy painted my lac and it got keyed by some fool who turned out to be my ex's dude and me and my boys wetted him a few weeks later so i got payback.But every where i go be it the mall, clubs, bars, restaurants i always have to be on the look out ready to throw down cuz these fools always be dogging and shit.Its like i dont want to be ghetto but i am when i have to be..Thank god i can handle my self in my town tcuz these fool are like wolves when they sense weakness.
  2. Is there going to be another hater thread in another 2 minutes e-thug?!
  3. ummm lets see some pics of the reason they hate, your "lac".. please include ur user name in the picture.. and than and only than will we discuss the Haters :bongin:
  4. [ame=""][/ame]
  5. this city gonna be hatein on you
  6. LOL dawg

    did you not read my last post?

    your just setting yourself up man

  7. lol dude made a bad first impression.

    Tip. Acting hard on the internet whether true or not will only bring laughter and nothing serious....dont ever bother.

  8. im just saying there are alot of haters in my town..ive been to other cities and everyone knows how to act, no ones dogging you for no reason n shit..not once have i had to bang when im out of town(except wen i was in pheonix and wrecked some fool for sittingon my burberry sunglasses)my town is just different i guess if no one knows what im talking about.
  9. My troll senses are tingling.
  10. dude.. can u stroke yourself in private please?!

  11. it just keeps getting better and better
  12. LOL

    this is probably the duke :laughing:

    that kid is everywhere

  13. lol, nice.
  14. when hempress is outta shower.. ill have her take a look... :wave:
  15. You are a genius

    and just when I was starting to forget about that spammer...
  16. This guy is cracking me up:laughing:

  17. lol yeah we had our disagreements in the past put he truly has gone of the deep end

    i wouldnt put anything past him

    or king187

    he seems like the kind of kid that would keep comin back too
  18. Do you mean the duke as in clint eastwood duke?..was that supposed to be a joke?

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