Anyone else live in a small town?

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  1. Was wondering if anyone else lives and smokes outside in a small town?? Where do y'all usually chief without being caught by people, cops, etc?? Woods are limited unless you're in the country, but I'm more so in town.
  2. I live in the woods, but I'm near a couple of small towns. Doesn't seem to matter how hard you try to hide what you do, everybody knows everybody else's business in a little town.....
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  3. what do you consider a small town.  I would say where i live is pretty small and i find it pretty easy to publicly blaze.
    I live on the edge of the woods. I'll look ya up sometime.
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  5. Watch out for the bears...... :eek:
  6. Technically, I live in a small town, but I'm not really in town. I'm out far enough that I can toke on my porch without worry.
    What are cops like in your area? Are there any abandoned buildings you know of, assuming people aren't squatting in them? Do you have a car?
    I pretty much just smoke at home, or occasionally at someone else's place or when I'm out fishing or hiking.
  7. My town has 7000 people seems like a lot but there's too much attention in town. I either have to go to the river, a school, park or cemetery. Not many places to burn
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  8. oh ok damn that is pretty small.  We have roughly 90,000 people and i thought that was small lol
  9. Live with my brother and I can't do it when he's there. No car so I'm fucked I have to walk to a place to smoke. I know of an abandoned school that's fenced off. Says no trespassing but it has major asbestos in it. A couple friends and me went there and toked and they skated but afterwards the headache sat in. I'm currently at a local cemetary that has Robert e Lee and his horse buried here. Chilling by a grave that's enclosed by a grass hedge. No one will see or hear me unless they are close.
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    You've got us beat. My 'town' (such that it is) was 355 at the last census. The closest legit town is eight or nine thousand.
    A nearby river would probably be the ideal toking spot, IMO :smoke:
    Edit: Ooh, graveyard smoking. Hope you don't believe in ghosts, OP ;)
  11. I live out in the sticks on 10 acres.  I smoke where ever I want to.  1. Because Medical Cannabis is legal in New Mexico  2. I have a card  3. No one is close enough to see it or smell it.  
    My favorite place is the fire pit overlooking the San Juan river.  I like to pack a bowl and watch the sunset.  New Mexico sunsets are amazing.  
  12. I used to live in a small town, population 605. But it was about 5 miles north of a city of 20k so eh. But I always just blazed in my friends' properties cause they extended back pretty good into some woods, and everyone in that "neighborhood" knows each other so it's cool to walk on others' propety as and my boys spent a lot of time in them there woods, smokin drinkin campin bitches fun stuff man. But now I live in a pretty urban metro area and am not liking it so much. Traffic is horrendous especially the interstates and I work at prime rush hour times. I never really know where to smoke cause I can't in my apartment and I don't want to smoke and drive in the city because you never know where a cop could be hiding or whatever. I usually go to a dog park near my complex and park in the that it's dark at 530 it's a bit easier. 
  13. River is cool just have to walk a few miles and cops are usually everywhere driving around with nothing better to do. I don't believe in that ghost crap lol
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  14. I live in a small town and smoke by this bridge where pretty much only smokers walk by/on.. Or inside peoples houses..
  15. Yup, my small town is a shit hole! All these bitches that talk shit about me and don't even know me
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    I live in the woods too on a dirt road, nearest town is 5 miles away, it has one traffic light.
    You're right about knowing others' business. I always say: There may some short-term secrets, but there aren't any long-term secrets.
    EDIT: Where do I smoke? In my living room, porch, whatever.
  17. I'm in a pretty small town and I just blaze where no ones at. Like just look around and if no one is there spark up. We used to smoke in these big announcer stands at the baseball fields when I was younger.
  18. My town is kinda small I guess. I try and smoke in the dark. U talking about outside smoking right?
    Try and smoke away from people and the wind. You can use the canopy of short trees to smoke. I stood in the middle of abusy parking lot in rush hour once, I stood in one of those strubbs trees so no one could see what I was doing.
    The woods is a good idea
    You can get a dog walk him and smoke
    Walking the dog is your excuse for being out
    Smoke with a cigar, not a joint paper....everyone knows what a joint looking like. Not many know what a blunt or a sweet looks like
    Don't smoke out with ur neighbors
    Don't walk around with a stack
    Wave at the local cops
    Always be moving....if your smoking, don't just stand in one spot
    Don't ask ur neighbors for weed. If U can, get it elsewhere
    Don't buy cigars from the store close to ur house...clarks talk to cops
  19. Not trying to jinx you but parking at the dog park in the dark may be suspicious to the bored cop and he might come up in you just to make sure your ok. I would feel less nervous smoking while driving on the interstate sadly.
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  20. This. Smoking around places that close at dusk and known to have trespassers isn't a prime toking location, seen too many stores on gc of people getting busted at parks
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