Anyone else listen to music while going to bed?

Discussion in 'General' started by nfs924, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Anyone besides me listen to music while your in bed? I put some relaxing music on low, it really helps me sleep. I have a playlist on itunes that I put on; most of the songs are slow psychedelic songs. What helps you sleep?
  2. yea i usually put on some sade

    watch'all know 'bout the lovers rock?

    mm mm mm


    coast to coast la to chicago
  3. I vape a bit of weed then watch a movie or use my comp then listen to music till I fall asleep
  4. I used to, but I broke way to many pairs of headphones so I ended up stopping. Used to not be able to sleep without it though.
  5. iPhone + last FM = best pre sleep music. I usually enter in a slowish mellow band and listen to songs similar to that style. Seems to work out well :)
  6. i used to but now i got that ipod dock thing and i use it for an alarm and if i go to bed listening to music unless its a really obnoxious song and loud it isnt gonna wake me up if it is the same thing that put me to sleep ya know
  7. Everynight. Jefferson airplane puts me to sleep.(old 1960's psychedelic band). I play theyre slow trippy songs.
  8. Yes, I listen to bands like Agalloch, Alcest, etc etc etc etc etc etc.
  9. thats one of the few bands I vape to at night
  10. beatles of pink floyd.

    'nuff said.
  11. yup! :) just about every night..

    it puts my mind to rest if im worryin about any sorta stupid shit.. and its music has always really relaxed me when im stoned. :D

    weed + music = heaven
  12. I used to listen to music going to sleep, but now I just need a TV on with a timer to shut off. Some college radio station Dj's play some trippy stuff late at night in my area.
  13. of course, the tunes put me to sleep
  14. Yeah, i usually put on Modest Mouse they usually put me to sleep in like minutes.
  15. Sublime or Slightly Stoopid
  16. I usually listen to Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
    or the first 3 Creedence Clearwater Revival albums
    or both albums by Quasimoto
  17. I like to fall asleep to chill movies like Harold & Kumar 1 and 2, How High, Half Baked, Lucky Number slevin etc :)
  18. There was a period about four years ago when I couldn't get to sleep without being baked (but it's always been like that, though; insomnia, etc.) and listening to Enigma, but I can get to sleep just fine with only the grass, now.
  19. Oceansize or anyhting slow, melodic and ambiant.

    however I do fall alseep to Opeth and other metal like Moonspell too.
  20. I usually turn my TV way down and just fall asleep listening to the babble of whatever is on. :wave:

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