Anyone else listen to classical?

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  1. Not necessarily classical, but orchestral? I did acid for the first time a week ago, when my friend made me listen to Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd, which is a great song. Now I can't stop listening to orchestral music. It is just so intense, and so much is going on. I've always dabbled with it, but never really liked it like I do now.
  2. My radio is usually tuned into the classical station at least 4 times a week for a good hour or two.
  3. music major for two years. marching band for 2 years in highschool. music is my life man i know exactly how you feel.

    a lot of my favorite stuff is the OC Remix orchestral pieces, because it gets so intense and there is so much intricacy to the music that sends shivers down my spine lol...

    also, there's plenty of amazing stuff. If you can get into opera at all, check out "Messiah" by Handel. It's a very dark opera with plenty of nasty minor pieces. Also its in italian so you dont have to worry if you're anti-religious (just incase, idk lol)

    there's an amazing thing that a heavy-blasting brass section, a church organ and sforzando strings can do with your head when you can just sit and listen... i love dark music.
  4. Do you go to school in MD, too? Cause I was friends with a lot of the marching band at my high school, and frequently visit 2 of the universities in my area (Towson and UMBC).

    And thanks for the recommendations!
  5. im at Anne Arundel Community College. Graduated From Chesapeake Highschool in '05.

    pre-med this semester man, i'm gonna be a doctor lol. i decided after 2 years of music and singing that i just couldnt do something i love this much for a living. i'd get burnt out and besides, work is hard enough to find for music majors i'd have no idea what i'd actually do... =/

    but yea. maryland home grown sir, good ol' pasadena. i like 20 minutes from umbc :D

    and i'll try and find some more older pieces for you. plenty of shit from mine and my dads collection that would be worth checking out.
  6. Sweet, I would appreciate it. I graduated in '07 so it is only my second year of college (and have no idea what I want to study), but I am going to Community College of Baltimore County up in Essex. I am at UMBC all the time, like I said, I have a bunch of friends down there. I, myself, live in Timonium, though.
  7. Check out Andres Segovia or John Williams for classical guitar. Just about anything you can find by them will be good.

    For Other Classical stuff here are a few personal favorite recordings I would heartily recommend.

    Ludwig Van Beethoven's 9th symphony New York Philharmonic conducted by Leonard Bernstien
    Released on CBS Masterworks MK42224

    Ludwig Van Beethoven's "The Creatures of Prometheus" op.43 Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
    Released on Deutsch Grammophon 419-608-2

    Modest Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition New Your Philharmonic Conducted by Leonard Bernstien.
    Released on CBS Records MYK 36726

    This one disk has two very fine performances and the recordings are just phenomenal !!!
    Edvard Greig Peer Gynt Suite no 1 op 46 Peer Gynt Suite no 2 op 55
    Jean Sibelius Pelleas und Melisande op 46
    Performed by the Berlin Philharmonic directed by Herbert von Karajan
    Released on Deutsch Grammophon 410-026-2
  8. Listening to Classical is very mind expanding, it stimulates brain activity and increases alertness.
  9. There is so much going on in classical music, its really mind expanding to listen to.
  10. Classical can be fuckin amazing....sometimes too much of it is too similar.

    But I would check out Mozart, especially the operas, Requiem, Don Giovanni, and magic flute are all spectacular. Actually pretty much everything he did was great

    But i would say my favorite composer is Bela Bartok, his stuff is epic. I especially love his concerto for orchestra. The finale is like star wars + wild west. I love it.

    Ans speaking of star wars, theres a box set of 4 discs of music from the original 3 movies, all of it composed by john williams. Thats all orchestral stuff and itrs really good.
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    i was in band for like effin ever but decided to leave it alone in college

    i played clarinet but if the piece has a french horn solo i'm all for it
  12. I love certain periods of classical music. Mostly 21st century serialism, neo-classical, romantic and impressionist. Igor Stravinsky and Claude Debussy are my two all-time favorites.
  13. Im not a huge expert on classical music. but when I do listen I think chopin is great.
    Beethoven, pagganini, rachmaninov, bach, mozart, most of the famous composers along with the odd other peice.

    I much prefer relaxing blissfull classical music on the piano than some orchestral peices, although its all wonderfully written
  14. I love classical. More melodic piano or string pieces, or guitar by a real master, are heaven for the ears.

    A fun thing me and my buddies do is play video games while playing classical. If the game is storyline heavy, turn the volume off the game and narrate a little story of your own, going with the mood of the classical. If the game is action heavy, try picking a song with a bit higher tempo to match the rhythm. Often parts of the game and parts of the classical will go perfectly together (i.e. Strings end on the decapitating blow to the boss, horns matching some blows, etc), when you get a good one it enhances your gaming experience greatly. And making up storylines to games is downright hilarious if you or your buddies have a good sense of humor. We often laugh to the point of bellyaches, shit's great.
  15. I'm a Chopin enthusiast =)

    love music from the classical and romantic period, especially piano pieces

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