Anyone else like these one hitters? (pic)

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  1. i been using a cigarette one for the longest time. but i recently got one of these and i like it more in a sence then my cig one. i like my cig one hitter more for cars and shit. but this one idk. lol i just am a one hitter man. i got glass and all that, but i like to stretch my bag out as far as i can. so these are ideal. but does anyone else have one of these??

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  2. I've never used a one-hitter, but I have taken single hits because I find it to be more conservative with my stash. And those before bed hits are always one-hitters. I find myself smoking a bowl around 10:30 or 11:00 and I want to go to sleep around 1:00 AM so I usually do a little one to two hitter bowl in my bong around 12 lol.
  3. i used to have one of those pipes from my gas station like a year ago. comes in the clutchh :smoke:
  4. Had one about 15 years ago. They serve their purpose. I used to love em
  5. I use them when im out and about, used to use the cig hitter when I smoked newports, (im tobacco free now), then I found Urban Papers that look like digs with printed filters n shit (best when machine rolled obviously)
  6. 100 percent of my dank is smoked from a cig one hitter. Not including 4/20 or when I buy an 1/8 or more (just like a victory bowl). Anyways they save money and imma frugal bastard so I'll take any slack I can get.
  7. hell yeah guys. i been using this one alot with my sour d it hits hard.
  8. used one alot when i went out of town. worked very well on saving my stash and being easy to travel with
  9. i prefer my chillum but same concept.

    def helps with conserving bud
  10. This is a little red one hitter bat, and a maybe two hit bowl my homie truth made from a jaw bone of some animal...the one one top is just a soapstone pipe (dunno why I included that really)

    But why I took this pic is for the silver bat. My homie Truth made that for me for my birthday, he stole a door lock from my Thunderbird, then made it into a little one hitter.

    Worked awesome in a pinch, just unscrew it from the door, pack and toke, then put back. Never got caught when pulled over.

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  11. Now that's a thoughtful friend :hello:
  12. i love my cig one hitter very nice
  13. yeee i just got a 1 hitter its ill fer wen im at school, just say im goin 2 the bathroom pack a 1 hitter spray some axe go 2 class stoned hahaha
  14. I mostly smoke with a one hitter since I travel a lot for work. I mostly use a quartz glass bat though, not a fan of metal. Also have the most amazing looking dugout ever.

    [​IMG] The entire thing is slightly larger than a bic, and the storage area in it is about double that of most other short-style dugouts. The entire thing is very easily palmable and resides in the makeup pocket of my purse, so even if someone sees it it looks at most like a brush case.
  15. I so love chillums and totally agree with you :D
  16. I have been using a one hitter cig type dugout pipe for a long time. Stay stoned and use less than a half gram a day!

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