Anyone else like the nod towards pot that friday the 13th opens up with?

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    If you watched the new Jason movie (friday the 13th) you would know that the first movie involves some teenagers camping out and looking for pot (which they do) before they die (the pot is conveniently in jasons backyard or something haha)

    and in the 2nd part they had the token black dude taking bong rips. But what kinda pissed me off is he filled it up with smoke, and he took a hit but didnt even get close to clearing it. then he just put the bong down and LEFT IT ON THE TABLE WITH THE SMOKE GOING STALE while he went outside to get killed by jason
  2. People on TV or in movies never fucking know how to smoke.
  3. I couldn't imagine smoking whatever type of legal herbs that the actors have to hit.

    Surely it'd be disgusting.

  4. I'd swap it out before I took the hit.
  5. If you had the opportunity to be in a movie, I doubt you would do something that would end up getting you fired.

  6. Fucking word stealer.
  7. it was the same way in fast times when spicoli took a hit out of his bong in his room and left all the smoke in it. i dont blame him though- i wouldnt want to smoke whatever theyre given to smoke unless its bud. in easy rider they actually smoked weed and other kinds of drugs.
  8. Haha yeah I thought that was pretty funny! I was wondering why Jason would be so angry with a field of ganja in his backyard? Maybe he was just protecting his weed?:p
  9. Yeah they do it in entourage all the time and in a ton of other stuff. Annoying...

  10. They cannot inhale, Remember they are making the movie. They cannot be under influnce of any drugs.
  11. I havent seem the new Friday the 13th but i hope they didnt leave to much of the original story out of the new plot.

  12. Actors are sober angels who never use drugs.
  13. haha no that movie was so ridiculous

  14. the girl in the "stoner" ipod commercial was actually fucked up off her ass on klonopin
  15. Yeah I don't know why you guys think actors are pure, good beings. Sometimes they are tokin' on set. Lots of them are on drugs and alcohol all the time lol. Sometimes it's real pot, and sometimes not. But eitherway I agree that they don't smoke it very well.

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