anyone else like emo?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by xero_gravity, Nov 25, 2002.

  1. I was on the search for a new type of music to listen to and i stumbled across emo. There are tons of different types and i instantly fell in love with every type. Something about jst reached inside my soul and gave it a big hug. It (like most other music) is great when stoned. you can really feel the music.
    Anyway i was just wondering who else likes emo. If you do and know some good bands that i might not have heard of post them and i'll check them out.
  2. I like emo, but I still think it's one of the worst names for a genre ever.

    Isn't all music emotional??? Not just emo.....
  3. I used to be into emo pretty good..I had a close friend who listened to it 24 hours a day. you can only take so much of whiney guys complaining about never gettting the girl. but I do like some of the bands..the ataris are cool..get up kids..I just can take some really whiney emo bands. since then, I dont like the friend anymore, in fact it was a near love lost for the best.. and emo since to me has sucked. ironically enough. I found this song on the net..funny shit for people who arent fans of emo. or just like the satire of it...

    gotta click (wont let me cop n paste)
  4. ya know emo originally started out as extremely emotional hardcore. then it lost the hardcore part and went downhill from there... but hey... to each his own. most of the bands i listen to most people have never heard of, and they probably wouldn't like 'em if they did. lol.

    "Emo sucks! Don't call yourself emo unless you wanna suck!" -- Jesse Smith - Zao.

    my friend tricked me into going to an emo show once... i went into their wanna be push pit and sat down... it was funny.

    not trying to be an ass or anything, but i don't like kids who look like they're 15 years old whining about everything. 1 band i think is ok though is Thursday. they're probably the only emo band i somewhat like.

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