Anyone else into honda's

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  1. Whats up Grass city anyone else in to honda's i have a 1990 crx si im working on i will post pictures some time this week after im done with paint. So lmk what you have eg's ,ek's ,ef's, da's. O and im currently going ls B16 tranny:D with boost lmk what you think?
  2. Not really into it, but drive a fg2.

    Considering a trade for more power, handling is awesome though once suspension is upgraded.

    Honda needs to produce more torque but keep it at 8k Rpms.
  3. Haven't had a honda car but I love their quads and dirt bikes. They're indestructible so I'm guessing the cars are too. Lot's of people are getting 200k out of their hondas

  4. yo what's up hatch kid i liek teh honda's but front wheel drive's not for me but i like me some clean honda's and prelude's and hatche's are cool and also i like apostraphe's
  5. I drive an 2001 Acura integra with a V-Tech
  6. I'm looking at buying my first honda this summer, looking for a 09 FA5 Si. If not that, i'll get a subi wrx and mod the shit out of it :devious:.
  7. If you're looking for power, get wrx.

    Honda is only good for reliability, but don't get me wrong, si is a lot of fun to drive.
  8. I used to be big into them but now to so much. I currently have a 90 EF sedan with a D16z6 from a EG SI. Awesome little car but still has some kinks that need to be worked out. I used to have an LS/VTEC Integra but the thing was a heap. I will always love them and will probably own a newer model in the future but Im really getting tired of all the problems that come with anything older than one made before 2000, to many kids tearing them up.

    LS on boost can be a fun setup but make sure you build it up right or you will run into problems down the line. Ever think of going all motor LS?
  9. I like my little honda but i fucked something up and am in the process of rewiring the stupid bitch.
  10. Ya my friend just got a 2008 WRX and it's a pretty sick car, but i need something with low maintenance costs/insurance. Plus gas is getting ridiculously expensive in socal, if i'm buying premium grade it needs to last :devious:.

  11. Exactly, my swap and work was all done by an adult who did not fuck it up BUT my pinouts are having issues due to wrong size and after three distributors my CKP issue is still not resolved (gotta be ecu or wiring related)

    Kinda a pain, but fun as fuck when running tops
  12. Ran into wiring issues with mine as well. Gotta get a whole new motor harness since the previous owner thought using crap wire to run VTEC was a good idea. Also found out my gasket where the header meets the head is almost non existent. Also found rust, trunk leaks, and I think my rings are on the way out. Oh well, paid less for the car than I will have to for a new motor. Gotta love Honda's.:D

  13. Wiring issues.. understatement.. yea.. fucking hell

    So motor is solid, thought cam gear skipped a tooth but its a matter of the cam OBD2 Distributor on a Y8 Head with a VMS cam - Need a AEM cam.

    And yea.. wiring.. SO - Put the new dizzy on, same issue, went and picked up a P28 ecu, had it soft loaded with a Y8 Basemap - Same issue.

    Cut the electrical tape off my harness.. fucking mess.. probly gonna have to pay a shop to just rewire the entire car. On a side note.. Y8 Base map in my mini me is pretty sweet, better vtec kick in then on my tune, may just run the Y8 base map and tune it to my timing using a softloader.

    Of course.. need to fix wiring first.
  14. I don't think so, Tim.

    Although I might consider purchasing a lawnmower or one of those quiet generators they produce. Not a vehicle though.
  15. I used to be big into hondas when i was younger. . .in highschool. . . .
    but then i grew up & learned what real power was AKA got tired of being slow. llol.
  16. I had a 06 civic si for a couple years. I loved it very fun car to drive and it looks good... That was when i just graduated high school. I tradded it in for a 09 accord coop v6. And drive a 03 f350 super duty triton v10. hondas are great cars. I even bought my gf a 96 accord just because i know there will be no trade in problems. Lol i talk alot when im high
  17. i loved my eg6 until someone offered me an e30 in trade.

    would love to get another one, in white. same tiny motor though, that shit was amazing on fuel.


    they look so much better in white though:

  18. I am!! lol here is my 2010 FA5
    has coustom airbox,invidia headers,invidia Q300 exhaust flash pro, TSX TB,TB spacer and HPS intake silicone hose, lowered on stance GT+ and 17x8 +22 BBS RS

    and my brothers s2000
  19. So sick, i want a TW FA5 or ralleye red, but my friend has a red stang and is constantly getting pulled over so i'm leaning more towards white. What you got suspension wise?
  20. Tw fg2 ftw.

    Haha Im sad I know this talk.

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