Anyone else in USA hope to move to a warmer climate?

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  1. I've been trapped in PAINsylvania for many years.  I have to sell my house before I can leave.  Planning to spend about a year in Myrtle Beach area, then either to Florida or out West.  Anyone else unhappy in cold winters?  I especially would like to connect with people who live in low crime areas who use good local rail transportation in areas with warmer winters.

  2. dude I am in Canada and hell ya.  I be keeping the fireplace nice and full.  -19 Celsius fml
    southern oregon coast.
    63F outside right now...ahhhhh
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    Central NJ
    11 F outside right now. Feels like -1<span> with windchill</span>. Snow piled everywhere.
    <span>Needless to say, I'm jealous. </span> :cry:
    The wife and I are planning to get out West within the next few years. Both have been here in the East our whole lives. But through work have been to various states out West, from CA and CO, AZ, NV, to OR, and WA. We also maintain friendships in S. Cali.
    It's just so hard to up and leave though when you have a house, business, jobs and family in one place. The logistics of it all with selling a home and procuring a new one is tough enough without the added factor of finding work while not living out there.
    This is going to be quite the great escape. But we'll make it.
  5. San Diego baby our winter hasn't dropped below 50-60... I feel for you guys tho it looks terrible on TV  ;)
  6. Live in So Cal. Bought a place in San Felipe, BC. Norte for retirement in the next 3 -5 years.
  7. Dont go to myrtle unless you like rednecks and drunk highschoolers.
  8. wow, nice, its colder here in Fl..
    like 30F this morning
    We have some land in southern Oregon, Port Orford, actually. It would be really nice to be there right now..
  9. Myrtle beach is trash. Don't move there unless you want to live like a tourist. I live in charleston and the difference is night and day. Think Los Santos to Sandy Shores. Lots of meth. But I would love to live somewhere cold. I'm going to CU boulder for college and can't wait to be there. Skiing is my favorite thing to do plus the mountains are just all around awesome. I live 10 mins from the beach yet I rarely go even during the summerSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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  11. Southern's fucking COLD here too. But I'm planning to go to CO. It's a different cold, and I want MOUNTAINS. To hell with sand in my ass and bugs the size of birds. Not to mention all the smug ass shore dwellers that think living near the ocean gives them some kind of entitliement to act like a prick. And the Tourons.....Fuck me...I remember when I had my first beer too. I'm done at sea level...I want to take the higher ground for a tactical advantage.
  12. Its been below zero for all of 2014 so far here in S.Dakota. I dont really mind the cold so much as ive lived here my whole life. However I would like to move to either Colorado or somewhere near Pacific Coast. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  13. I'm in MN and it's coooolllldddd!!
  14. Totally with fearjar, up there..Here in south jersey/Philly my whole life.So done with this coast, would love to move to the Rockies!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
    Holeee Shit...You'd burst into flames if you moved to the sweltering heat of Colorado. It gets up to 5 degrees there in the winter sometime. You'd be sweating your ass off all year long LOL. JK dude. Ive always wanted to see the Dakota's. Had a cousin that moved up there for a few years. He said that it was so beautiful it'd make you cry. And said that every picture you'd take would make a cover for National Geographic...He showed us some of the ones he took. Beautiful country.
    Yeah man. You know the pricks I'm talking about too huh? This area is dead, and politics and idiots killed it. Can't wait to move.
  17. [quote name="fearjar" post="19399722" timestamp="1390598164"]Yeah man. You know the pricks I'm talking about too huh? This area is dead, and politics and idiots killed it. Can't wait to move.[/quote]Oh trust me I do, haha. Yeah I can't wait to move as well, just need to save some more. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    Nooooo , I'm in Texas and it's gets wayyyy too hot in the summer. Last winter we hardly got down too like 40 or 50 degrees and if we did it
    Lasted like 3 days. This winter was crazy I love it <3 all the southern states are surprised about getting snow and frost , we were supposed to get snow last night , but shit just froze. :(

    Edit:eek:p you would probably enjoy it here. To texans 50 degrees is freezing weather. Lol
    I hear that. We have a business to sell, gotta shit ton of work to do to my house to sell it...Roof, and a ton of cosmetics. I have some eqiupment from another business to sell....But I'm hoping to wrap it all up and be there before the end of fall at least.
  20. I'm in NJ, but seriously considering moving to Florida. I have some family there, no state income tax, low property cost/taxes, it's nice all year, and my family tells me the weed is really good in Florida. Plus I don't plan on having kids, so their shitty ass schools don't bother me.

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