Anyone else in the south ready for the snow?

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  1. Who else from grasscity is from the south? I'm from eastern North Carolina and we're supposed to get some pretty bad winter weather the next couple days. Mostly calling for some heavy ice where I am, but some parts of NC might see up to 10" of snow! Hasn't hapened down here since 1989!
    Anyone else going to see some winter weather?

  2. I live in the south too and I just head they canceled schools and the bus system for tomorrow. I am assuming they will cancel on Wednesday as well since that is when the snow is coming.
  3. im in sc and my college is closing for the day. got a fat one rolled for when the snow comes :smoking:
  4. I got a j for tomorrow!  :smoke:
  5. Houston is supposed too get sleet and freezing rain(ice?), maybe a little snow, though unlikely. it will be like a low of 25-28 so when the rain comes, its gonna ice over the bridges. last friday, i had ice all over my car, the roads. i didnt work last friday, and i wont be working tomorrow. 
  6. Shit the south might as well have an early 4/20 day since a lot of people won't be working or going to school.
  7. dear thread,
    michigan :p
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    BOOOOOOOO *Thumbs down* :hippie:
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    lol at least your thumbs didnt freeze off like mine
  10. Omg this past Friday, it was FREEZING! It was the coldest that it's been down here in a LONG time.
  11. its negative 25 here with the wind blowing 3ft drifts eveywhere...they have bulldozers plowing now and dump trucks to get rid of it which happens sometimes but the last like 4 winters havent been shit so we've been spoiled..we've already broke all the records since 1978 and its STILL snowing :mad: heres a pic of a house that got some nice snow drifts you guys are going to have the drivers that dont drive in snow though so be careful and stay off the highways if you can

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  12. Damn!! Everytime it snows down here, it isn't even that much. It snowed like 5 years ago.
  13. sucks for, sitting in Oregon near the beach at 55 degrees...<puff puff> I'll think of you poor eskimoes out east...<exhale> wait what...where were we...
    you are a famous actor?
  15. sshhhh, don't tell anyone...<puff puff> ahhhh...
  16. Gulf coast here, all of my classes got canceled tomorrow! Snow day! Hahahaha
  17. Just got in my car and the windshield wipers are frozen! There is ice all over my car. Was 5 minutes from my office and they called and closed!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  18. I'm in SE NC. This shits gonna suck.
    But, I've got a 4 wheeler and a 4x4 truck and a 12 pack of beer. i'm gonna have fun regardless.
  19. It's starting to ice already and it's only 11 am. This is gonna be bad.Side note: it's annoying how people from the north and other areas that are prone to snow are saying that the south is "dumb" and such for preparing so much for this. The fact is the south doesn't see this kind of weather... Ever! Fucking New Orleans is getting ice.We don't have the proper equipment to handle the ice and snow.I'm in SE NC too, looks like were just gonna get ice with maybe a couple inches of snow. Other counties a little to the left may get as high as 10 inches locally.Anyways.. Got my bowl ready!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  20. How the hell do you dig out of that? I just moved from tn to Co and the difference in snow is quite drastic but that is just crazy.

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