Anyone else hot as hell?

Discussion in 'General' started by G13, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Even though it's October it's STILL hot up here in the north. What the hell is going on? If this is what Global Warming is bringing... MAN! I feel bad for our future generations.

    PHEW! Anyway.. anyone else smokin'.... while they're smokin' :D
  2. quit your crying j/k but i live in Fla and its hot as balls 9-10 months out of the year
  3. Man, I fucking hate hot weather (I never get cold, but I'm damn near always hot), but it's been raining non-stop here for the past week. It's really starting to get depressing. For once, I actually wish it was hot here.
  4. I love it!

    I'm in Mass. (I was born and raised in FL.) I'm like a fungus, I thrive in hot, humid places. Man, this feels awesome!

    The hotter the better. :)
  5. That's what really gets me. The humidity. I can deal with dry, desert-like heat, but when it gets humid I start to wilt and slow down and get pissed off.
  6. ya, I'm in wisconsin, it gut up to 85 here today... I have central air tho... stayed pretty cool for the most part...
  7. in arkansas was a cool 70 degrees..perfect for tailgating baby
  8. Yeah, I'll take 60-70.. but it was 85 here, and humid as hell. You can't walk anywhere without sticking to yourself and I hate it.

    Anyway, it's supposed to hit low 60s next week so... yay I guess :)
  9. I can feel fall coming, but it's still way too hot. I want the cold to start to come. The weather here is pretty cool tonight. It's really, really foggy, with a nice breeze.
  10. Ninety fucking degrees today. October has no business having ninety degree weather. None! I like Fall, it's one of my favorite seasons, the most beautiful for sure. Eh, besides winter... And spring... Fuck, summer too. They're all so beautiful. Nature gives us such aesthetically pleasing natural effects. Think about fall, beautiful trees changing color into a mix of a burnt-hue color spectrum. A cool breeze sweeps by and blows the distant smell of a leaf-burn on your side of town. Winter--Snow. Such a beautiful white coating of sparkling ice particles. The smell of a winter breeze, winter storms blowing around outside when you're in your warm home. Spring, when Summer pulls out of the "this-has-been-going-on-for-too-long-a-time, but how about another week?" phase, the flowers bloom and spring rain showers softly hitting your head. Summer, the greenest, bluest, most fun time of the year--Warm weather for beaches, the best breeze scent, grass to play Frisbee barefoot in without it crunching under your feet.

    FUCK, I'm fried.
  11. LOL, 85 aint shit, most summer days its 100+ here with at least 60% humidity. so stop whining. :)
  12. ya im in ct i had the fuckin A/C on in my car today wtf its october this is not right
  13. fuck yeah, i'm sunburnt as hell from the michigan game today, but only on my right side
  14. We're having our typical october Weather here in Western Washington.
  15. havent you noticed how it got realll cold reallll early this year though? Like beginning of september and i was shivering. Our summer had maybe two weeks of real sun, the rest was over cast shit. I think were in for a real snowy down though No class if the metro cant get there!!
  16. I hate this humid fucking heat, I want my new england fall, where's my torrential downpours, frost or even yet snow flakes? I mean hell I've been trick or treating before in a snow suit, this year it's gunna be like 70 degrees on halloween if this keeps up.

    Ug, I hate this kind of weather, 50 degrees or below, I'm happy :D
  17. ya this is prob gonna fuck up all the foliage to and i really like looking at the leaves for the few weeks they are all crazy colors
  18. There are a few trees around my town that are changing, but not as many as there should be at this point. I really don't mind too too much if the foliage gets fucked up, because I hate people who travel here to come see the leaves change, I mean yea it's pretty but i guess I'm just over it since I have to rake 1 million leaves every year :p
  19. I was sweating last NIGHT i dont mind but its crazy weather
  20. Man, that's beautiful!

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