Anyone else hold their pipe like this?

Discussion in 'General' started by XeroLife, May 11, 2010.

  1. Re: I can't big rips anymore, someone help!

    "hey! a great thing to do is put the pipe between your middle and ring finger. close your hand into a hollow fist and suck through the hole made by your thumb and index. make sure to squeez your pinky close in.

    the smoke is cooled briefly in your hand and trust me it WORKS.

    try it and let me know how it goes and your hand wont smell.


  2. In theory, It should work. Ive never tried it but from how i just reenacted it, in doesnt seem too comfortable unless your somehow used to smoking like that. Now, about the smoke being cooled, I dont see how the smoke can get cooled due to your hand being there. The hand has no contact with the smoke whatsoever and IF (and thats a pretty big if) anything, It just gonna give the pipe more drag.

    Now about your hand not smelling like smoke after, That is probably the most BS out of all of this. Anyone who's used a pipe would know that when your not inhaling(taking the hit), there is mostlikely gonna be smoke coming off of the bud, and since your hand is right over it (from what i understand) Your hand is gonna be in direct contact with the smoke thus making it smell more.

    Just my 2 cents. I might be wrong, Idk cuz ive never done this. And im still kinda high :smoking: but yeah, feel free to correct me if im wrong.
  3. i guess in my experience no smokey-hand smell

    and the cooling/neutralization when using the air in the hand as a medium for which the smoke goes maybe not cooled as in cool but it makes it smoother. like whipped cream/kinda like whipped smoke

    i have definitely felt thattt difference.

    idk well ttry it out and it depends on your pipe.

    i have a very basic small elbow plus i have huge hands lol
  4. Kinda like hitting a chillum

    But if you can't take big rips off a pipe cuz of the heat, just get a bong or a bubbler. Much more efficient anyway

  5. Dude, I know this is gonna be very very offtopic and i apologize, But i couldnt help but read your sig... Thats actually a really good question, How did that turn up? Did the fabreeze fuck the smoke up?

  6. Oh damn...if only I could have 2 quotes in my sig :laughing:

    Go try it and report back!
  7. Actually yes I have tried this when a friend did it (it was a blunt rather than a pipe though), he was a little under the weather and didn't want to put his mouth on the blunt. No one got sick, but we all got high

  8. DOOD... O.O Lol, It was kinda funky, and it tasted kinda fruity (peach smeelling fabreez shit) and yeah, it wasnt THAT bad, but ill chill with the water lol. I dont usually roll that fancy with the smelly fabreez shit in my bong n shit ya know? sorry dude, im still feeling it haha :smoking:

    Cheers brothers/sisters! :wave:
  9. :smoking:it worked! kinda awkward at first but it works..hand doesnt stank like pot either..good deal. thanks!
  10. wtf, i almost burned my goatee and eyebrows doing this shit. First of all how do you cover the carb...maybe i'm doing it wrong but this is a silly idea.

    Is this thread some kind of joke to get people like me to burn their fingers and face? Because you win.

  11. LOL I am dying here
  12. [​IMG]

    For improved taste, and a high you will never forget: mix these two!:hello:
  13. ^THIS. OP, you are killing me!!!
  14. Damn dude...+rep
  15. Ahhww shit maybe you should try ozium this time :laughing:
  16. This shit is totally legit. My hand doesn't smell and I could actually get a nice hit. Cool little trick OP, definitely a kick ass solution when smoking with people who get a joint all wet.

    By the way I did this with a one hitter. If you don't know what the OP is talking about, make a fist and aim it up like you we're going to punch the ceiling. Insert pipe between ring and middle ringer. Make sure you make a firm seal to get the best hit. Light er up and hit it.

  17. bleach works much better

  18. Hahahha I would, but A. I dont feel like making my bong smell even worse and B. I dont feel like burning my throat to the point where it peels n bleeds when i take a toke LOL. :bongin::bongin:

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