Heavy Metal Anyone else here a SOAD fan?

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    What is your favorite album? For me its Mezmerize, but I do enjoy the self titled album. Favorite track is either Mr. Jack or Lost in Hollywood. Warning: Mr. Jack is quite creepy/intense while stoned.

  2. Love SOAD, so many times cruisin, getting baked and rocking the fuck out with my buds to the album Toxicity. Fav songs of SOAD prob be Sugar, Prison SOng, Needles, Deer Dance, Chop Suey, Toxicity, Aerials, Violent Pornography, and Holy Mountains.
  3. Steal this album. The day soad broke up I was crushed.
  4. Yes definitely this. System is one of my favorite bands and I love all their albums, but Steal this Album is the best. I saw them in 2012 with Deftones and they were great. I was just disappointed that they didn't even play one song from Steal this Album. I keep waiting for them to come out with some new music, but Serj is dragging his feet and it may never get done unfortunately.
  5. Just watched this the other day. Made me remember how great they were.

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