anyone else have the bag end blues

Discussion in 'General' started by dankapotamus420, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Haven't had bud since last Saturday and it's really bumming me out since I started taking my vyvanse again and just can't get to sleep or muster an appetite.

    Bein broke sucks, I baby sat a couple days ago but haven't been paid yet, but I was babysitting cause their mom needed to go to the hospital so I'd feel it wrong to rush them while all that is going on, I know they're good for it
  2. People like your medication you mentioned.
    Including other people who smoke.....
  3. Sucks. hold off and Buy in bulk bro and you will have a few days to refill your meds without feeling the blues. Don't rush the mother though sounds desperate.
  4. Ohhhh, I was totally thinking about a different "Bag End"


    Besides that awesomeness, we all have bag end blues. I'm all out but no need to be down cuz I grow me own.

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