anyone else have the 4:20 gift?

Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. Ok, so maybe it's not a gift, but i seem just happen to look at the clock when it is 4:20 everyday. Seems kinda of weird. Does this happen to anyone else?
  2. sry lol not i.
  3. YES. I was talking about this the other day too!!! and then today I was at the gym..looking down at the distance on the tredmill, randomly...and guess what numer it was on!?!?! maaaaaaaaaaaaan...its *everywhere*!
  4. i did that yesterday.. and im not gonna miss 420 today either :D :D
  5. I always seem to be in the car at 4:20

  6. yeah but... you won't give head so it doesn't count...
  7. For the last fucking time, I DO I JUST DON'T LIKE TO!
    oh shit, that was kin of loud my bad ;)
  8. ooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooh...

    karma's quite an appropriate subject actually- there are guys out there who have given you "good karma" but not gotten any back.. tut tut tut... let's all hope the karma repo people come to see you...

  9. Do I have to give head EVERY time? What I mean is there is only one guy that's gone down on me that i've never given head to, but there have been times when i've been eaten out but havn't given head to guys who have had head from me before.

    Hhhmmm.. I wonder how they would go about taking something like that back?

    p.s. When I went upstairs it was 4:20 ;)
  10. karma police
    arrest this girl
    she won't give head
    but she gets eaten out
    she is a selfish well licked girl

    this is what you'll get
    this is what you'll get
    this is what you'll get
    when you mess with us...
  11. This from a kid who claims he's Merlin the happy pig? ;)
  12. did you never watch blackadderII?

    ps I think i'll make a tribute set of lyrics to that radiohead classic- phew for a minute there
    I tossed myself
    I tosed myself
    I tossed myseeeelfff
  13. I can't say that I know what the fuck your talking about.
  14. never heard of blackadder or radiohead? what do you have a life or something?
  15. i've heard of radiohead. I don't get out much, oh wait, yes I do I guess they must suck ass ;)
  16. kid a and amnesiac do but they do not suck!! and neither do you which is a bad thing in your case...
  17. BAd for who? certainly not me ;) It doesn't bother me one bit.
  18. yer but it bothers me... what if one day I met 420 girl on the street- now because of her reluctance to do so- i can't just ask for axl rose now can i? the fact that I would look like a pervert is irrelivant....

    oh and it is bad for you... if the karma police call your way...
  19. What's so bad about regular sex you picky bastard?

    p.s. how easy do you think I am, you bought me no drinks, you smoked me no weed, and you expect me to what? Who's the sheister now?
  20. of course i'd go through the old courtship rituals, buy a drink, smoke a dutchie. Oh and regular sex isn't bad but you want as many options as possible when it comes to sex, 420girlie.

    edit- for some reason i wrote irregular sex rather than regular

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