anyone else have really sweaty balls?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by dangle, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. i hate to put it out there like that, but that's the main reason my screenname is dangle. i end up thinking about my dick dangling a lot because i can feel it lying against my sweaty nutsac. i don't think it has to do with being hiv positive but if anyone else here has aids or hiv let me know. if this is normal for regular people please share as well.

    heck got any funny stories about it?
  2. i am std free and i get batwings all the fckn time livin here in texas...

    hot as fuckk here...then the humidity dont help lol

    but its not like an all the time thing...jus if i'm running or workin out...shit like that....

    what i do hate is getting them and being around chicks lol i dont give a fuck i take care of my business...even if i have to play with my balls in front of em lol
  3. My balls drip about 10ml/hr. It's getting out of hand.

  4. damn sounds like you guys have it worse than me. i bet you guys have at least gotten oral sex though. actually, cum to think of it, i did too... the time i got aids. :(

    now the memory comes back. wouldn't it suck if you only got a blowjob once in your whole life and it (along with sex) just led to getting aids? no puns intended lol
  5. I have huge balls that hang really low
  6. Dude...I fucked this nasty bitch....for all I know, I do have aids. Ugh...I'm getting tested asap.
  7. you fucked raw? why? i have a legitimate reason in my case, im just curious.

  8. fuckkkk maan......sorry to hear that
  9. man, its chill. nobody's fault but mine...
  10. So, what.. Your balls sweat more when you have Aids?
  11. What the HELL is going on in here lmao
  12. i feel pretty blessed my genitals arent a free moving appendage
  13. Eh ... its a trade off.

    Sweaty Balls v.s. Bloody Vag

  14. hahahahhahahahhaha

    beats having a bloody Vaj and periods nd Shit
  15. Actually balls tend to stay dry unless I'm working in the heat awhile.

    Those hot days though..shits annoying. Always stickin to your leg haha :smoke:
  16. my balls definitely sweat when i am sweaty as a whole, but if i'm just chillin, then my balls are great, dry and everything haha
  17. +1. Lmao.
  18. balls are so huge. And they hang reeeeeeeeeeally low!
  19. sounds dangerous
  20. i don't know. but before i didn't notice this shit very much.

    haha yep. so im not alone. man at work my balls feel great. i step into the freezer and instantly the sweaty feeling goes away. then again my penis shrivels unbelievably. can anyone relate? you know like when you swim in a cold lake and your nuts get tiny and peeing feels so good? yep, like that.
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