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Anyone else have memory loss?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dailyuser, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. I have been smoking weed for about 4 years, but on a daily basis for about 6 months. I am a 26 year old female and my short term memory is horrible! I can't remeber stuff from yesterday's high! Anyone else have this problem? Should I quit now before I am a complete loss by 30? Or, should I just relax and smoke up and worry about it later?
  2. I wouldnt worry about it. Even before i smoked weed, i would forget what i ate for dinner...i heard it was temp. anyways...
  3. Personally, I don't know. I can't remember.
  4. no dont stop the reason u cant remeber s cuze u smoke everyday jus do it everyother day n ull b fine i no itll b hard but u gotta try or ya u wont remeber n e thing
  5. My Dad has been smoking since he was 18 and is now 53 and his short term memory is still sharp.
  6. I blame my brief but reasonably intensive affair with "E" for my memory loss problems, not the herb.

    but yeah... a heafty session on the bongs and short term memory becomes a joke....
    ... but it passes. short term memory loss is only temporary whils still completely inebriated.
  7. for some reason, unknown to me, my memory got some kind of jolt a couple weeks ago. Nothing specific happened (that I can remember anyways :p). Maybe I cracked my head on something and forgot... anyways all of the sudden BLAM! I got some killer memory like I've never had before. From then on, I just stopped looking at my phone card, because I remembered the numbers on it.

    I remember dates and numbers like no other, money is easier for me to remember/count. weird stuff man, but I like it!
  8. i def. dont think you should stop smoking b/c u think u have a short memory term. Its going to be normal if u smoke pot period. I've always had a bad short memory term, it just so happened its gotten worse. If you dont remember something then obviously it wasnt important enough to remember right?
  9. I agree! Thanks!!

  10. Same but i blame herb to.
  11. My memory is only weak when I'm high, and sober I have no problems.

  12. Just because you ignore something doesn't mean it's not important.
  13. man im in the same boat ive been smokin multiple times a day everyday for yrs and my memory is fuckin bad....ive been thinkin bout cuttin back too cause its gotten to the point where im allways high i wanna live life sober for awhile again, and hopefully get some of my memory back.
  14. about my freshman year, i had the very worst short term memory, a few times some of my teachers would try to put things on my shirt or in my pocket, like in elementary, i hadent started pot yet, a few months later i started getting it back after i started smoking, i guess all i needed to do was relax
  15. i just smoked and i cant remember what exactley i drank a bit ago.....YAY
  16. u dont remember a lot of stuff that u dont try to remember and when u get high u dont think about remembering shit. so thats one reason why you dont remember, but weed does fuck w/ ur memory. but also, if u take a break for like 30 days ur memory becomes perfect again i read somewhere
  17. Some people just have a bad memory (myself included). I don't think it has anything to do with the weed. There was a period where I stopped smoking for about 7 months (not because I wanted to, just because I really didn't have any to smoke) and my memory didn't return at all.

    I did notice that when you first start smoking weed, though, you get really foggy the week or so after you smoke. I'm not sure if it was just really bad shit or if I just got used to it, but I don't get foggy anymore.

    So the solution is simple: Blaze up a jammer and smoke ev-er-y day. ;)

    Peace and love, gal-pal.
  18. Ill have to say when i'm working i feel smart,

    But when i come home and smoke i feel stupid as hell(a happy stupid)saying shit wrong,must be the homegrown.

  19. im 23 and kind of feeling the same way. Its to the point where it bothers me, and I worry about it. I drink a lot, I know that that is the problem. When I toke, I could see it happening, but I take long enough breaks sometimes I feel "replenished" also, Ive been out of college for a year now, and I know since I havent really picked up a book since then, Im not as sharp as I was then. Your brain is a muscle, just like any other in your body, if you dont use it and exercise it like any other, it becomes weak as well.
  20. huh

    oh, erm

    hang on...


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