Anyone Else Have Awful Memory?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by moabfighter, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. I'm not sure why, but man my memory sucks! might be the ADD, but it's horrible. I can't remember anyones names really even a few days after meeting them, seems like alot of my earlier life and especially the past few years are just a blur. I've been high alot, not 24/7 but a good amount of the time... Maybe I just don't concentrate enough to bother remembering, but I wish I remembered alot more than what I do..
    Anyone else have this problem?

  2. Marijuana affects memory in the short term. Don't sweat it, brother. :smoke:
  3. i cant remember what happened yesterday
  4. I feel the same like i couldnt tell you what i did 2 days ago.

    -Stayupp g

  5. Yeah my short term has been pretty fucked these last couple of weeks. Especially this weekend man it felt like I couldn't remeber Shit. Lol
  6. yeah robotripping back in the day absolutely fucked my memory.
  7. Not until I started smoking..
    I used to pride myself on my excellent memory, its still pretty decent tho
  8. When it comes to schooling i have an amazing memory. When it comes to names or what i did yesterday i couldn't tell ya :laughing:
  9. No not at all... Wait what were we talking about again lol.
    But in all seriousness it comes with the magic of the herb mannnn. :smoke:
  10. My short term memory is really bad and not just from weed I've always been like that weed just makes it worse lol.
  11. I'm sorry, what was the question....?

    Oh.. Right, yes, terrible memory.
  12. AWFUL short term memory. I'll be talking to someone and then halfway into a sentence just completely forget what i was talking about

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